No Mans Land

Sewing. I love love it! After learning how to sew three years ago, I’ve only done a few projects. Most of the time I sew for gifts, but now I’m trying to sew more often than just when I need gifts. I especially love children’s clothing, so when I see an adorable dress, skirt, etc, I feel I must make it! Of course, I try to be practical and I know I’m not able to make everything (you should see my “to do sewing project list”. It is crazy long and I doubt I’ll be getting through it in this life time. hehe). I couldn’t resist making this super duper adorable outfit that I saw on Sewing in No Mans Land by Kelly Crawford… dress and headband! I love Kelly’s work! She is mega talented! I follow her blog, and it’s exciting to see her posts. She motivates me to get up and sew every time! Talk about inspiration! I just want to make everything she makes! But since I’m still somewhat of a newbie, I depend on ready made patterns. And thankfully I had the pattern for this style dress; I had purchased it around this time last year on Etsy. Oh I think I should mention at this point how I buy patterns and fabric for no reason other than I just love them… and they will sit for a while before being used. Is that normal? I sure hope so! As long as they are eventually used, right? hehe. Ok back to the super duper adorable outfit. After the love at first site, I immediately decided I was going to make it for my six year old niece as an Eid outfit (the celebration after Ramadan). Eid is now approaching and the outfit is ready to go!! Here is my version of the dress:

And here is my headband:

I hope everyone likes the outfit! Thanks Kelly for the inspiration!


  1. August 9, 2011  12:11 pm by Arine Abunada Omar Reply

    Look where all your hard work led to. You are an amazing woman inside and out. Keep it up!! You are going to go to far. Love you!

    • August 9, 2011  12:53 pm by Maysem Reply

      Thanks Arine:) You are really sweet and always have been:)

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  4. November 29, 2011  1:11 pm by Kelly Reply

    Wow ok so i NEED to know how you made this dress!

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