Sweet Sofia

Cupcake Candy Baby Favor

Once again I’m an aunty! Yay! My new niece, Sofia, was born on July 25. This means more sewing projects! Girls’ things (especially clothing) are so hard to resist… and there’s just so much stuff to make for girls. Of course, first thing I made for her is a baby blanket. Baby blankets have kinda become my trademark for first baby gifts. I know cliched, but I just love making them. Other than warmth and comfort, I feel that blankets provide a sense of security. In my opinion the more cuddly the more of a security is felt. As babies, a blanket cuddles us, but as we get older, we start to cuddle the blanket. Either way, there’s a sense of security felt. Sure, it may be just in my head… but am I alone on this feeling? Which ever way, there is something special about blankets:)

When I do make a blanket I try to personalize it to the mommy’s personality (what I think mommy would like for baby). I do use different types of minky, but my fave is what I call the “quilted” minky (only because I don’t know it’s real name:P). I find it to be so comfy and cozy, and it makes a thicker blanket. I hope I chose the right fabric pattern for sweet little Sofia!

I also made “welcome baby” favors for my SIL to pass out when visitors come to see the baby (with her help). Candy “Cupcakes”!

Ooh La La! That’s right… idea from Ooh La La Candy! Brilliant, aren’t they?! I thought they would make the perfect baby shower favor… or in this case “welcome baby” favors. I plan on doing a DIY tutorial for these cuties so stay tuned!

Oh and I made the labels with my Silhouette. Gotta love that machine!


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