We’ve been BOOed! Have you?  :D

I first learned about being “BOOed” a few years ago when my sister moved into a neighborhood that carries this cute tradition. Someone comes ringing your doorbell leaving a bag of treats at your front door and dashes away! Along with your treats are instructions of the game and a sign that says “We’ve been BOOed”. You hang that sign on your front door so your neighbors know you’ve been BOOed, then it’s your turn to BOO someone (or two as in my sister’s case).

On Tuesday, I decided why not start the tradition! Susu and Suraya were on board, but of course! To get the ball rolling, we BOOed two units (with hopes that at least one will keep it going). That same night, 1 of the 2 did put their sign up! Score! As the rule goes, you have two days to BOO someone else…. and sure enough the two units we hit did BOO two other units last night. We were one of the two! Score again!! So now it’s our turn (again!) to BOO someone! Yay to BOOing!! Hehe:D

Do you have this cute tradition in your neighborhood? Have you gotten BOOed or BOOed anyone? Want to join in on the fun and start BOOing people? You can find free printables online. The BOOed sign and instructions that I used are from The Tomkat Studio. You can get her free printables here. Now go get BOOing!


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