Box of Eid Surprises

Hey everyone! Anyone still busy prepping for Halloween? Or maybe already planning for Thanksgiving? On my end…definitely looking forward to stealing some candy from the girls…muhahaha! Just kidding folks! I don’t really steal children’s candy, they give me all the candy they don’t like voluntarily…hehe! As for Thanksgiving, as much as I love it, thinking about it has been put on hold for now. At the moment I’m trying to get ready for Eid which is a week and half away! Yay! I finished Suraya’s outfit, now on to Susu’s. I’ve been working on the decorating part at the same time as well. I’ve already shared my Eid lambs with you in the last post. Yesterday I worked on my Eid al-Adha advent calendar and a box of surprises. I will share the advent calendar in the next post, but today I’m sharing with you my box of surprises…Eid surprises to be exact! What’s a box of Eid surprises you ask? Well I shall tell you in a moment.

That’s the box! I know I may be behind to some, but I have to tell you that this was my first decoupage project! I’ve been wanting to try Mod Podge for some time, and so many neat crafts that I’ve been seeing lately (especially with pumpkins!) have inspired me to get my hands dirty…well not dirty, just a tiny bit sticky:D I loved the outcome and definitely will be playing with Mod Podge again and again! Today’s project is inspired by the Ka’ba (the most sacred site in Islam located in Mecca. During their pilgrimage (hajj), the pilgrims circumambulate the Ka’ba as one of the acts of worship). I went with a square box with rounded edges and used damask print in black and distressed gold scrapbook paper. I thought it would be cute to add a handle, so I used a wooden ball knob and painted it black. I sanded it just a tad bit to lighten the black. That was it! Aren’t you proud… no glitter!! :P

This box is going to be filled with pieces of paper that will have surprise treats or prizes written on them. The advent calendar will have trivia-like questions related to hajj, and when the girls answer a question correctly, they get to pick out a piece of paper out of the box. The simple, old fashioned question-answer-win-a-prize game…hehe! So that’s what a box of Eid surprises is all about.

I can’t wait to share my Eid al-Adha advent calender with everyone, so be sure to come back and check it out. ‘Till the next post, ciao!

I’m partying over here, come on by!


  1. October 27, 2011  2:20 pm by Salwa Reply

    I am OBSESSED with mod podge! Do you know how to make it home made? It's so much cheaper. :-)

    mA I love the surprise boxes! The girls will love them!! :-D

  2. October 28, 2011  12:21 am by thecraftynest Reply

    Oh I like your paper choices! Feel free to link up this project at my Friday link party:

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  4. October 28, 2011  9:21 am by cb Reply

    Fantastic ideas!

  5. October 28, 2011  4:06 pm by Beth Reply

    Very cute! We tell the kids they have to pay candy taxes to Mom & dad - seems fair right =-) We don't take as much as Uncle Sam does.....
    Thanks for linking up to Living Life Intentionally Linky Party!

  6. October 28, 2011  5:17 pm by Carrie Reply

    Fantastic use of paper combination!

  7. October 31, 2011  2:22 pm by Gayle Page-Robak Reply

    What a gorgeous box...elegant and beautifully created.

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