Bloomingdale’s Pillow Copycat

Whenever I make a trip to Anthropologie (and Godiva for my free monthly truffle!), I tend to cut through Bloomingdale’s (Home) because there’s almost always a parking spot for me there. That one spot as if it’s waiting just for me! Back in September, on one of my trips, as I was passing through Bloomingdale’s on my way back to my car, I spotted this pillow…

I absolutely LOVED the pillow, but not for $118! I decided I’m going to make one myself, so I quickly snapped a picture with my iPhone. As you can see, at a quick glance the pillow appears to be covered in doilies, but in actuality they are not. But that’s what I was going to use to imitate the design of this pillow! I have not had the chance to actually make the pillow until recently. I know, took me long enough:P Anyway, here is my version….

Pretty close, don’t ya think?! I LOVE it!! I honestly wasn’t expecting to find fabric that is practically the exact same color! The doilies come from different places and were different shades. One of the doilies was already a similar beige to the original pillow. In order to get the other doilies the same shade (or close to same) as the one doily, I dyed them with tea. They didn’t have to soak for long before reaching the desired color. I sewed the doilies on first before sewing the front and back of the pillow together. And VOILA! You’ve got yourself a copycat! Just last week I passed through Bloomingdale’s again, and the pillow was still there at regular price!

I had found some of the doilies I used at an antique shop. Along with those cotton doilies, I also found oh so pretty vintage lace doilies that I just couldn’t pass up! Wanna see how I used them?

Another pillow of course! Hey, I was in pillow mode:P This one is no copycat… my own personal design! What do you think?

Inspiration is everywhere! I hope you found some in today’s post!

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  1. December 26, 2011  5:26 pm by Terry Reply

    I love your pillows. I agree with you, inspiration is everywhere.

  2. December 26, 2011  11:24 pm by Ashley Reply

    How fun is that pillow? Awesome execution!

  3. December 26, 2011  11:37 pm by Laurie Reply

    Yours is much prettier than the original! Very nice.

  4. December 27, 2011  12:06 am by susu Reply

    I like your pillows more then the other ones. So cute!

  5. December 27, 2011  3:51 am by CREATIVE MIND Reply

    Simply Superb, Maysem you are rocking! keep it up :)

  6. December 27, 2011  4:56 pm by The Southern Product Queen Reply

    Love love love this pillow! You have great ideas! Its Linky party time again at Thanks for sharing!

  7. December 27, 2011  5:23 pm by Marilyn Reply

    I LOVE IT!!! SO creative...Hope you had an AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL Christmas with your family.. : )) Wishing you a success filled and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO COME.. Thanks for being a great bloggy bff this year.. Cheers to SO much more.. xoxoxoxox..

  8. December 28, 2011  12:24 am by Alissa @ CraftyEndeavor Reply

    That looks great! And it looks practically the same as the bloomingdale's version.

  9. December 28, 2011  4:38 am by Susanne Reply

    Georgues pillow, I prefer yours to the original one.
    Wish you a good day!

  10. December 28, 2011  8:09 pm by Jennifer Reply

    Seriously? All your pillows are fab! And to think some poor suckers at Bloomingdale's right now paying an arm & leg for that pillow & yours is just as beautiful!
    PS. I'm hosting a "Best of 2011" party. Hope you'll swing by to share your favorite post of the year!

  11. December 28, 2011  10:33 pm by Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims Reply

    $118??? Sheesh! Way too much! I love your version. So much cuter and more affordable :)

    I'd love for you to link this up to my link party, Your Whims Wednesday. The party is up until Sunday!

  12. December 29, 2011  12:46 am by Erin{LavenderandLemonDrops} Reply

    Awesome job! I actually LOVE the depth that your doilies add to the pillow! Great knock off :) If I were to buy one I would much rather pay the $118 for yours!

  13. December 29, 2011  4:03 am by Lori Reply

    So pretty...I'm inspired to make a pillow now! Thanks

  14. December 29, 2011  10:48 am by Jenn Erickson/Rook No. 17 Reply

    Your pillow turned out beautifully! Every bit the heirloom as the Bloomingdale's original.

    Glad I saw your link-up at Rae Gun Ramblings and stopped by.

    Happy New Year!
    Jenn/Rook No. 17

  15. December 30, 2011  5:31 pm by Chelsea Reply

    I love the pillows! I just got a sewing machine for my birthday and I can't wait to start my first project, it will probably be a pillow for simplicity sake! Thanks for the inspiration, now following! :)

  16. December 31, 2011  12:18 am by Abbie Reply

    Great job, Maysem!

    Okay, no joke, I like your version better! Absolutely BRILLIANT.

    I'm seriously going to rip this idea off! I love it! ; )

    Would also love for you to stop by for a visit!

    ~Abbie (

  17. January 2, 2012  8:47 am by kim@too much time Reply

    I featured you amazing pillow today! Come check it out:)

  18. January 2, 2012  11:00 pm by Jasanna Reply

    I love it!! It looks lovely and you did so well!!

  19. January 4, 2012  11:06 am by youdoredo Reply

    Lovely, I am going to try something similar. I am also featuring you this week on Thursday at Bacon Time :)

  20. January 4, 2012  4:43 pm by Marilyn Reply

    This is AWESOME.. I LOVE LOVE IT!!!!

  21. January 4, 2012  6:34 pm by Broochy Reply

    thank youuu :) i`ll try it too

  22. January 4, 2012  8:21 pm by Marilyn Reply

    I LOVE this.. THANK YOU SO MUCH for linking last week, you are one of my FAV'S today.. I love how unique these are.. AS ALWAYS YOU INSPIRE!!! Please stop in and have a look/snag a button. I absolutley adore..Thanks SO much again.. WIshing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR.. Hope you can link up again today..

  23. January 5, 2012  7:43 pm by Dianna Reply

    This is so pretty! You've got a new follower in me!


  24. January 7, 2012  2:19 pm by brandi Reply

    Beautiful pillows! Visiting from Artsy Girl...

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  27. March 9, 2012  12:14 pm by Kim Reply

    I love the doily pillow. I have several small doilies my grandmother made and I've been holding them trying to come up with an idea on how to use and display them. Now I know what to do! Thanks for sharing this great idea.

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