Monthly archives: January 2012

Recycled Sweater Baby Doll

I love making the gifts I give. Whenever I need a gift for someone, I immediately start thinking of what I should make. However, for bridal or baby showers, if someone has a registry, I am a firm believer of respecting the registry. It’s there for a reason! Besides, it does make gift giving easier, doesn’t it? I will be attending a baby shower this weekend for a good friend. […]

DIY Picture Plaques

About a couple years ago I came across two shops on Etsy that had the cutest art prints ever! I first came across Tim’s Sally as I was searching something related to Strawberry Shortcake (I don’t recall what it was exactly). I LOVE the original Strawberry Shortcake. I received my first baby Shortcake on my sixth birthday. I still have her! Another fave doll I had was my Rainbow Bright which […]

DIY Napkin Holder

A week from tomorrow I will be hosting my first ever crafting party in my home for some of my friends. I’m so excited! For the last couple weeks I’ve been slowly prepping for it. I’ve already shared some of my prepping in previous posts. From what I have shared with you, those of you that have been paying close attention may have guessed the theme of the party. If […]

Valentine's Day: Sew in Love

Valentine’s Day is not too far away! There are so many adorable ideas out in blog land, which have inspired some of my own ideas that I want to share with you:) Today’s idea is all about the packaging. I’m a sucker for cute packaging! Wanna see what I have for you? I’ve been in the sewing mood this past week…can you tell? :P So here I give you my […]

Homemade Candle Jars

I few weeks ago I found this nifty chalkboard crate at Yankee Candles. I found it in the their clearance section (and it came with two pieces of chalk). I figured I definitely can find use for the crate, which I almost immediately did. I had been looking for gift ideas for a friend, so I decided this crate was going to go to her. Now, what should I put […]

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

Guess what? I couldn’t stop thinking about the vintage sewing machine that I saw at the antique mall, so I went back and bought it! Yup, I sure did:D I’ve wanted one since I started sewing, and now I finally do! I did a little research to find out how old it is. On the sewing machine, patent years are listed, and the last year listed is 1891, so from […]

Glass Etched Hot Chocolate Mugs

I’ve been keeping my Sihouette busy for the past week. Over the weekend it was for Susu’s science project which turned out fabulous! Great job to Susu! Then it was vintage Barbie silhouette t-shirts for my friend Veronica’s daughters. They came out so stinkin’ cute! Next on the agenda was for my nephew’s birthday party favors which is this weekend. The theme of the party is construction and it’s being […]

Wood Crates "Dessert Stands"

Whenever I’ve been getting the chance, I have been working on smaller projects that are going to be a part of a bigger project (which I’m so excited about!). The paper doily napkins are one of those smaller projects. Today I’m going to share another one with you guys:D I purchased this crate from Michael’s after Thanksgiving when all the fall stuff was on clearance. You really can’t go wrong […]

Antique Tin Trays Wall Decor

My friend Veronica sent me a message last week asking me if I was up for a field trip to her latest discovery Jackson Square Mall, an antique mall. Uh, yeah, of course I do!  Check out what I found… Hand painted tin trays:) The colors were so fun and vibrant, and I immediately envisioned them hung up on my kitchen wall. I did get Veronica’s approval on these… now […]

Silhouette & Ruffles

How do you guys like my new outfit? Well, not my new outfit as in for myself, but I’m sure you figured that out, right? I made this outfit for a sweet little girl. It’s her birthday present from me. Ruffle cropped pants with a silhouette top. It’s not visible in the picture, but the pink fabric has white pinstripes. The silhouette on the shirt was made out of the […]