Doily Paper Napkins

A few days ago I was on a hunt for doily paper napkins. I figured they must be sold somewhere. I did find one source, but they were going to be about $6.00 per package of 18 napkins! Then there’s the shipping cost which was going to be another $6.00…arghs. After a little bit of contemplating, I decided I can make my own doily paper napkins! I don’t know why I just didn’t think of this idea sooner!

To make my doily paper napkins, I just needed the following supplies:

Paper napkins and corner and edge paper punchers. At first, I was a bit weary about how well the punchers would punch through the napkin, but thankfully it did it with ease!

At the first attempt, I had punched around three of the edges, but when I opened it I got two rectangle pieces rather one square napkin. Oops!

On the second attempt, I punched around two edges (the non-folded sides). Got it right this time! Pretty simple, right? You can make these in any design you want. Make them for your next party or just for fun! I hope you got inspired to make your own:)

In case you have never worked with a corner and straight edge cutter together, I’ll show you a quick tutorial. It’s quite simple…Martha makes it simple:D

First punch your corners.

Next line up the punched corner with the corner marking on the straight edge puncher, and punch away!

Do the same thing on the other corner; line up and punch. Finish off the second edge, and you are done. Told ya it was simple!

If you are working with a napkin that is longer and requires more than the two punches I’ve shown here, it’s no problem. All you do is take the last full scallop that was punched out (see pic 3 in 1st collage) and line that up with the corner marking on the left (see pic 1 in 2nd collage). Hope that makes sense.

I can’t wait to use my doily napkins! Why doily? You’ll find out in a future post..hehe:D

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  1. January 4, 2012  9:14 am by Maysa Reply

    Oh I love this! Will definitely be using this tip for a dinner party :)

  2. January 4, 2012  9:47 am by Jodi Evans Reply

    Oh my! I would have never thought of that. Such a great idea!

  3. January 4, 2012  10:23 am by Amali Abdrabbah Reply

    Maysam!! What a cute idea!! Is would be a perfect touch for a tea party!! I just bought these punchers too for some scrapbooking! Can't wait to use them with napkins!

  4. January 4, 2012  10:45 am by Creative Mind Reply

    After seeing some punched cards & crafts at Martha stewart I search these designed punches everywhere in my area but how sad I cant find these paper punches anywhere till now :( there are so many ideas around but i cant create something by using this :(
    I love your designed napkins, so many possibilities with these :) All the best!!

  5. January 4, 2012  11:41 am by folkhavenkaren Reply

    I'm surprised to punches out so clearly through napkins. These look great, and it's a huge savings! I'm looking forward to learning what all this doily business is about. :-)

  6. January 4, 2012  12:38 pm by Linda Reply

    Very neat! i like this idea! i feel the same way that those prepaid napkins are so expensive.....You are so creative!

  7. January 4, 2012  1:29 pm by agouldi1 Reply

    this is such a fabulous idea! they turned out so pretty!

  8. January 5, 2012  1:53 pm by Jennifer Reply

    So pretty and love that you did them yourself!

  9. January 5, 2012  8:54 pm by Esra Reply

    I adore this!!! Looks super easy too!!! Great job Maysem!

  10. January 6, 2012  11:30 am by Rachel Reply

    How cute! I need to get me one of those punches!!

  11. January 6, 2012  2:20 pm by Bronwyn Reply

    This is brilliant! What didn't I think of that! This gives the excuse to go buy a few MS corner punches!

  12. January 7, 2012  1:43 pm by brandi Reply

    Such a beautiful idea! You are so clever to think of this!

  13. January 8, 2012  10:20 pm by Nann from At Nann's Table Reply

    Hi...Saw this on Sunday's Best and am I glad I came. You just saved me a ton of money. I do alot of entertaining, including birthday luncheons for friends and alot of my granddaughters LOVE to have tea parties here and now I can have these darling napkins in any color. You are brillant. SO glad I came. I want to follow you on friends but can't see where.


  14. January 9, 2012  9:36 am by Michele Reply

    Brilliant beyond words.

    For the most part I use linens for all my tea parties, but this- THIS is a great idea for those really-fast-she-is-coming-over-right-now kind of grabs/ Simple tea, one sweet, yet the napkins, truly lovely yet paper.

    I applaude your cleverness.

    I absolutely must buy one of those punches, I love to make cards and have wanted one of those for the longest time, now i know it is a definately MUST!

    Brilliant share, thanks so much!

  15. January 9, 2012  4:02 pm by h. rae Reply

    Ack! This is inspirational! Wow! I would love for you to join my link up party at

    Happy Monday!

  16. January 9, 2012  6:34 pm by Tonia @ The Gunny Sack Reply

    How lovely! I need to get me some of those paper punches! Thanks for sharing!

  17. January 9, 2012  10:10 pm by Barb Reply

    What a great idea! The napkins are lovely. I'll have to remember to try this.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Barb - formerly Barb & Dell Designs

  18. January 10, 2012  12:39 pm by Jessica Reply

    What a great idea! I love how dainty it makes the napkins look.

  19. January 10, 2012  2:55 pm by Katie Reply

    I love this! You are brilliant...

  20. January 10, 2012  6:49 pm by Shiloh Reply

    So pretty! What a great idea! I would love to try this sometime.

  21. January 11, 2012  12:28 pm by Trish @ Uncommon Reply

    Oh my gosh! These are SO pretty and delicate! I can't believe that is all it took to make them! We are having a link party today and our readers would LOVE these!

  22. January 11, 2012  2:26 pm by aleks Reply

    what a great idea! im using this for my upcoming bridal shower! thank you so much for sharing!!

  23. January 12, 2012  6:49 am by Crystal Reply

    What a great idea! I'd love to have one of these punchers!

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  26. January 14, 2012  7:29 am by ColleenB. Reply

    I have lots of MS punches and loads of napkins, so I just may have to give this a try.
    Thank you

  27. January 14, 2012  7:31 am by ColleenB. Reply

    Think how awesome to use holiday napkins and using holiday punches; snowman napkins and using a snowflake punches. Valentine, Easter; oh, my, the possibilties

  28. January 20, 2012  8:28 pm by Amy Reply

    I am always blown away at how creative people can be when they just start exploring what is possible. This is a great example. I love how you personalized these napkins to make them really special. A great "Drab to Fab" example for us all to appreciate! Thanks for linking up with me today. I really appreciate it!

    Amy :)

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  31. April 2, 2012  9:48 am by Shelly Reply

    Wow! Clever idea. I know you can run napkins through an embossing folder, but I never though of punches. Thanks for sharing :)

  32. June 15, 2012  11:37 pm by iza Reply

    hi... i'm thinking to use doily paper and stick it on paper bag as the goody bag for my brother's wedding. i would love to know, where can i get this doily puncher... my huge problem is that i'm from malaysia and do you know where i could get this puncher on the net... ;)

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  34. November 28, 2012  11:24 am by Casey Reply

    Brilliant! I'm going to do this for my wedding. Do you have to do one napkin at a time? Thankfully I'm having a small wedding!

  35. February 16, 2013  8:49 am by Mari Reply

    I just found this great idea! Never thought there would be such a thing when I googled doily napkin! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful napkin! I will be doing it for my moms 85th birthday party and since she crochets awesome doilies---what better theme!

  36. June 11, 2013  10:07 am by sally Reply

    I saw this and thought it was amazing. So I purchased a Martha Stewart punch round the page set. I only bought very thin paper napkins as I was worried about them being too thick for the punch set, but it didn't work!!!! Would not even go through the napkin. I'm just left with sore hands and torn pieces of napkin. What did I do wrong???

    • June 11, 2013  11:36 am by Casey Reply

      I had a problem too - I think the Martha Stewart cutters are terrible - they jam and aren't sharp enough. I use the fiskars brand ones and they are great. I was never able to get this to work though : /

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