Monthly archives: February 2012

Spring Mantel Reveal

The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! Okay, maybe it’s not the day we’ve all been waiting for… but it’s the day that I finally reveal my spring mantel! After all the little sneak peaks, you finally get to see all my projects together… I hope all the anticipation was worth it! Check it out…. I’m always in love with vintage teal, but this time I decided […]

Inspired Projects

Today I have for you two inspired projects. Both of these projects were found at linky parties. I love linky parties because there is so much inspiration and so much to pin! Both of today’s crafts can be found on my Pinterest boards:) The first awesome idea is by Claire at Fellow Fellow. She made votives using fabric and mason jars… of course it was love at first sight! Check […]

Rustic Yellow Birdhouse

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to show you what I did with the $.67 birdhouse I shared with you in the last post. If you forgot what it looked like, just click here for the before picture. Here’s the after shot… TA DA! First thing I did was glue it on a piece of oval wood (from the bargain wood set I told you about here) to help it stand properly. […]

Crafting with Thrifty Finds

In the last post I told you I went thrift shopping last week and shared one of my finds. Guess what? I couldn’t resist the President’s Day sale, so I went again on Monday  (50%/66% off!). Ready to see more of what I scored and what I did with them? The yellow doily and bed sheet were part of last week’s finds. $2.00 for the sheet and $.50 for the […]

Bird Cage Makeover

Last week on Valentine’s Day I went thrift shopping. The thrift store I went to had a Valentine’s Day sale: anything pink, red, or with hearts was $ just needed to have a speck of any of the three and you got it for a $1. You better believe I found some fun stuff (hehe). One of them was a bird cage. And I had the perfect spot for this […]

Vintage Shutters Makeover

I’m ready to start decorating for spring! So this weekend down goes my winter stuff, and up with the spring. Is that too early? I love you winter, but I have plans for spring that I’m excited to get started on! I already have a wreath that I still love, so my focus will be my mantel. I found these neat shutters at the antique shop… Wanna see what I did […]

Craft Party: Doily Wood Coasters

Hey ya’ll! How are you doing this fine Valentine’s Day morning? Did I leave you wondering in my last post? Are you ready to see what craft my guests made at my craft party? Some of you may have already guessed what it was from the last picture in that post. Did you guess Mod Podge coasters? Well, you got it right! We made doily wood coasters. Of course I […]

Crafting & Hot Chocolate Party

I finally get to share my crafting party with everyone! I had it last Friday in my home for a few of my friends. If you haven’t already guessed from some of the clues in previous posts, “Hot Chocolate” was the theme with burlap and doilies as the theme of the decor. I wanted to create a rustic, cozy environment which I felt white and natural colors give off. I […]

Valentine's Day Treats: Chocolate Spoons

I have another Valentine’s Day treat idea for you… Get it? “My heart spoons over you!” Spoons… Swoons. Get it? Hehe! I know, it’s a bit cheesy but I couldn’t help it:P I made these as Suraya’s class Valentine’s. I don’t think I really need to tell you how to make these… do I? Just an FYI, I did dip them first, and then filled them with chocolate. You can […]

Cake Pops for Parisian Theme Baby Shower

Back in the Glass Etched Hot Chocolate Mugs post, I had mentioned that I had helped my friend Veronica make vintage Barbie silhouette shirts. She had sent me a link of what she had in mind for the shirts. Around that same time, I had received an order request for a baby shower favor from another friend. She wanted the favors to be edible and gave me a budget to […]