Vintage {Spring} Vignette

Even though today is Thursday, it feels like a Friday to me. I think it’s because the kiddies are off of school tomorrow, so the last day of school in the week tends to feel like Friday. Feeling that way is one thing and saying it is Friday is another. Yesterday Susu tells me “tomorrow is Friday.” I tell her “no, it’s Thursday.” She looks at me like I’m the crazy one. She then explains that the last day of school in the week is always Friday. LOL! So for the record everyone, by Susu’s definition of “Friday” today is Friday! Woohoo!

In my last post I shared with you my wooden tray wall decor that I made for my vignette. I really don’t have an official name for my vignette. I was going to turn it into a spring vignette, and you can call it that if you want since the colors are springy. Birds and flowers are springy too! Then I thought of calling it a vintage inspired vignette. I have a few vintage pieces in it, and the main inspiration for wanting to create a vignette was my vintage sewing machine that I purchased some months back. I oh so love my vintage sewing machine! It’s been sitting on my buffet cabinet all alone. I thought it was about time I gave it some company!

So I put together a simple vignette.

I found this little birdy at Hobby Lobby and couldn’t resist her, so she came home with me:) And she loved nesting on my sewing machine so I let her be.

These little votives are from Target’s $1 section. They were $2.50 for the set, and they screamed “VINTAGE!” Well, that’s what I thought I heard;) All three books in the vignette I found at a thrift shop for $.25 each! Along with the sewing machine, my other favorite piece in this vignette is my latest antique shopping find: a pink milk glass cake stand. I so so so LOVE my new cake stand!

I filled the apothecary jars with lace in yellow, shades of green, and shades of teal. The teal doily I found at Michael’s $1 section. It was the only one left and that was on the first day they put them out! I want more!

I must not forget to mention my Anthropologie table runner. I got that about five/six years ago… my pre-sewing and handmade days when DIY never crossed my mind. Now, I’m all about DIY. Who woulda thought!

What do you think of my vintage vingette? Pretty simple, right?

Now with Picnik coming to an end in a couple weeks, I’ve been searching for a substitute that I like. I tried out PicMonkey which is a good backup and I probably will use it especially when they set up their collage feature. However, I’ve had the most fun with Pixlr. The pictures in this post were all edited in Pixlr. Pixlr Express is great (pictures 2 & 3), but I’m having a blast with Pixlr-O-Matic (pics 1 & 4)!

There are so many cool effects to play with! The only thing is that it doesn’t have a collage feature, so PicMonkey needs to get moving!

Have you tried Pixlr? What are you loving as your Picnik substitute? Any recommendations for collages for step by step tutorials? I really liked how Picnik made it easy to create a collage. In the end, maybe I just need to get Photoshop and learn how to use it! What do you all think?

As always, I’ll be linking up at all the parties that can be found on my Let’s Party page.


  1. April 5, 2012  11:04 am by Karen @ Folk Haven Reply

    Nice vignette! Such a lovely sewing machine... I feel like I need today to be Friday so I'll take your (and Suzy's) word for it! I've never used picnic or any substitute, but I've been wanting to start using collages so I'll have to get busy learning how to use one. Thanks for the links!

  2. April 5, 2012  1:08 pm by Creative Mind Reply

    Perfect :) Love it really..thanks for sharing your sweet stuff....

  3. April 5, 2012  5:18 pm by shirley@housepitalitydesigns Reply

    Hey Maysem...your Spring vignette is "simply" beautiful.....always love stopping by and seeing your fabulous creations...catching up on blogs in-between out of town commitments and house guests....Have a wonderful day!

  4. April 5, 2012  8:01 pm by Amy @ Reply

    I LOVE everything (but especially that darling sewing machine). What a fun vignette. I haven't tried pixlr but after having seen your pictures, I might have to check it out. I also had to laugh when you referred to life a few years ago as before true is that! I swear, now that I know what I know now, I can't believe some of the things I bought in the past that now I would just whip up and create. TGIF -that's for Susu!

  5. April 5, 2012  8:46 pm by ColleenB. Reply

    Lovely arrangment of your vignette.
    Sewing machine is really awesome.

  6. April 6, 2012  12:53 am by Rachel Rockwell (@BubblyNature) Reply

    Oh I love vintage!!! This is so pretty! I would have never thought to put an older sewing machine for decor, but it is so pretty there! xoxo- Rachel

  7. April 9, 2012  12:06 am by Kirstin Joy @ Burlap and Buttons Reply

    So fun! I really love the tray art on the walls and the rich colors you used. Perfect for spring with a vintage twist. love it! I'm following along and happy to have found your blog :) Have a great week!

  8. April 9, 2012  8:30 am by thegunnysack Reply

    Very pretty! I'm still working on adding some spring colors to my house.

  9. April 9, 2012  9:59 am by Annie Reply

    Beautiful arrangement! That sewing machine and little bird are so lovely together.
    Thank you for stopping by at Peaches and Bees :)

  10. April 10, 2012  12:20 pm by Stacey Reply

    That looks so cute!
    Pretty spring colors as well!
    I am so glad you came by to link up to the party at Embracing Change!
    Please come back this week again! I would love to have you there!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

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