Flower Girl Baskets

I wasn’t crazy about the flower girl baskets that the craft stores sell nor do I think they are worth their price. I found gorgeous baskets on Etsy that are more than what I want to spend even though they appear to be well deserving of their prices. So the only solution left was for me to make one myself. But of course! I made two baskets; one for Suraya and one for her little cousin Hana.. her co-flower girl:)

I found two cute little baskets at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 each, and the rest of the material I used I already had on hand.

First thing I did was spray paint the baskets with a few coats of white paint.

In between coats of spray painting and waiting for the paint to dry, I made fabric rosettes.

After I finished the rosettes, I decided to add pearls to their centers.

By the time the rosettes were done, the baskets were ready to be decorated.

I cut out a strip of fabric to go around the top of the basket and then over the fabric I placed a gold wire mesh type of ribbon. Then I cut out thin strips of fabric and sparkly gold tulle and tied them on each side of the basket’s handle.

Last, the rosettes where glued on each side of the basket. And that’s all it took to make a flower girl basket! Simple and cute! Much better and cheaper than what I found at the craft stores..hehe. What do you think?

The baskets will be filled with pink rose petals on the day of the wedding. I can’t wait! I think I’m getting more excited then I should be! Hehe. It just brings back so many memories from when I was a flower girl for two of my aunts’ weddings. First time I was a flower girl, I think I was three. The only thing I do remember from that wedding was my basket. It was a beautiful white basket with lavender ribbon hanging from the sides and small lavender flowers. Sweet memories. :)

Were any of you flower girls? What do you remember about being a flower girl?

Sharing Suraya and Hana’s baskets over HERE.


  1. May 23, 2012  12:21 pm by tracey rancourt Reply

    I got married in 2006 and I made my flower girls basket as well. I got married in January, and my colors were blue and white.. so the basket was white with white feathers around it and a blue bow... the petals of course were white roses... I loved making exactly what I wanted... it was better than any store bought basket I could have found. Great job on these great baskets!!

  2. May 23, 2012  1:16 pm by shirley@housepitalitydesigns Reply

    Those baskets are beautiful...and leave it up to you to come up with baskets nicer than sold in the stores!!..

  3. May 23, 2012  1:43 pm by Amy @ whilewearingheels.blogspot.com Reply

    Those baskets are beautiful. Great job finding a frugal solution. I can't wait to see pictures of these basekts in use :). I wasn't ever a flower girl, though, I would have loved to have been.

  4. May 23, 2012  1:58 pm by Jenny Reply

    These are so cute! Riley is a flower girl this summer. I'll definitely have to keep these in mind. Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays.

  5. May 23, 2012  4:37 pm by ColleenB. Reply

    You done a Fantastic job on the flower girl baskets.
    They are so pretty

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  7. May 25, 2012  12:44 pm by DonnaWilkes Reply

    Always a bridesmaid, never a flower girl! I did not even have a flower girl at my far, far distant wedding. These are adorable baskets. I bet the girls will love the sparkly tulle! Do they get to keep them? I must take a moment to thank you for your link party post - I use this page all through the week and have never told you how much I appreciate it. I have only been blogging since April and you have been an enormous help in getting me around the blogosphere! A great big hug to you!

    Came over from Functional Friday.

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  8. May 25, 2012  3:34 pm by Britni Reply

    Those are so pretty!! I love the fabric flower. You are one talented gal yourself!! :)

  9. May 26, 2012  5:05 pm by Suzzie Reply

    those turned out really really cute! Its amazing what some spray paint and ribbon can do. They are just lovely.

  10. May 30, 2012  6:48 pm by partycraftsecrets Reply

    You'll probably hate me saying this - but they would be the CUTEST little Easter egg baskets...! Regardless - the message is the same - make don't buy - beautiful job. x

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  13. August 28, 2013  7:39 pm by Mariana Reply

    These are adorable! I took your inspiration and just finished my own flower girl baskets. Thank you for posting this diy...saved me from getting the cookie cutter baskets out there and made it more personal.

  14. January 2, 2014  12:14 am by Mrskcw Reply

    Loved these. My wedding is in march and I have already made my baskets but I'm making them again.thanks so much

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