Trip to Buffalo, NY

Boy do I feel like I’ve been MIA. You guys feel the same way too? Well, I did take a little trip… the girls and I went to visit my sister and her kiddies. We took a road trip with my parents and my aunt out to Buffalo, NY. A typical drive to Buffalo is eight hours from Chicago, but with all the bathroom breaks and one coffee break, it took 11 hours! Yikes! After a bunch of “are we there yet” from Susu and Suraya, we finally arrived and were greeted with a welcome chalk message on the driveway from my 7 year old niece, Lianna.

In case you are having a hard time deciphering that message, it says “Welcome Family. I love you.” :)

We were also welcomed by my little munchkin of a nephew Zain! This little mister is a year and a half. He’s a little jokester that I just want to eat!

Suraya was immediately his new buddy!

Other than a welcome message, down the driveway was also probably the world’s longest hopscotch! Also made by Lianna.

We were in Buffalo for a week, and it pretty much rained every single day we were there! It just rained and rained and rained! The first full day we were there, it didn’t rain so the kiddies enjoyed some outdoor time in the backyard.

In the middle of Yusef trying to rescue the fish, I insisted on taking a picture of the two of them with the fish (just in case that was the only fish they caught!). As you can see, Yusef was too worried about the fish.

My sister has a lake in her backyard. Susu and my 9 year old nephew Yusef decided to fish. It was teamwork at it’s best… well almost at it’s best. Susu would catch the fish, and Yusef would unhook it and put it back into the water. See, they didn’t want to keep the fish, they just wanted to catch it. Susu was too scared to touch the fish, so Yusef was the brave one..ha! This one fish just didn’t want to be unhooked… so Yusef was scared that it was going to die…. but oh no not on his watch! Eventually he was able to release the little fish from the hook and send it off on its merry way.

In the meantime, Suraya and Lianna decided to pick flowers.

They found an empty container, filled it with some water, and placed the flowers they picked in it. I never did see what became of their flower collection. Hmm.

When in Buffalo, you must try their buffalo wild wings! It’s the home of the famous Anchor Bar and Duff’s. Can anyone really eat buffalo wild wings without making a mess… Suraya surely wasn’t able to. Check out that face!

Yusef had a baseball game while we were there… actually two.. but because of the rain the second game kept getting postponed. We did attend the one game. Now, I must tell you that when it comes to baseball, it’s no joke to Yusef. He takes it as seriously as if it were the pros.. just see for yourself…

The spectators seemed to enjoy the game! The final score was 8-1… Yusef’s team won! My sister told me that the other team is pretty good and was favored to win… so this sure was a sweet victory for Yusef’s team!

After school rehearsal.

Other than baseball, Yusef also plays the violin. While we were there he had his end of year orchestra show. I was so proud of our handsome violinist:D

Miss Lianna has got some mad talent too:D She is a little ballerina and an artist (she attends a year round art camp)… but we didn’t get to attend any events for her.. boo!

Like I said, it pretty much rained every day we were there. So how did we keep ourselves entertained? Shopping! Who doesn’t love shopping? Um… the kids sure didn’t.

But they managed to keep themselves entertained….

Ssh, don’t tell Yusef I posted this picture;)

At home, they entertained themselves with Just Dance on the Wii…

For the first couple of days, my hubby flew into Buffalo. He was traveling and his flight was delayed in New York City, so he took a flight out to Buffalo. While he was there, the girls and I did stay in a hotel with him. The hotel was called the Garden Place. It was an old hotel, but the decor inside of it was beautiful.

Doesn’t this butler look real? The girls and I thought so! He greets guests at the front entrance, and I just had to take a picture of him:)

One of the things I had hoped to share with you is the street of antique shops in my sister’s area… but no one was interested in antique shopping. Can you believe it?! I was a bit disappointed, but I told my sister the next trip I’m focusing on those shops!

Overall, despite the rain, it was a nice trip. I miss the kiddies and can’t wait to see them again… hopefully very soon! Oh… and of course my sister too;)


  1. June 11, 2012  9:09 am by tracey Reply

    How fun and wonderful to spend time with family.. I haven't seen my family in a while as they all live quite a few hours from my home. Your family is beautiful and you seem like you had a great time despite the rain. I live in Maine and we've been having the same weather here... rain and more of it!! Glad you made it home safe and sound and thanks for sharing !

  2. June 11, 2012  9:42 am by Maha Reply

    Maysem you managed to make Buffalo a cool place to visit!

  3. June 11, 2012  12:58 pm by Amy @ Reply

    What a lovely trip. Despite the rain, it looks like you made some wonderful memories. Your pictures tell quite the story. Loved everything!

  4. June 11, 2012  1:16 pm by shirley@housepitalitydesigns Reply

    I have been to Buffalo when we took our trip to Niagra Falls...ate great chicken wings and the I love the quaint town...One of my dearest friends was born and raised in Buffalo...Glad you had a wonderful time...

  5. June 13, 2012  6:43 pm by Karen @ Folk Haven Reply

    So glad you shared your trip with us! Sorry about the rain, but you managed to make it a wonderful time just the same. (I'd expect nothing less from you... You seem like the kind of person who brings sunshine with you wherever you go.) I think you may be in some hot water with Yusuf though, if he ever catches wind of that picture (or if his teammates do)!

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