Eid Pennant Garland

Eid al-Fitr, the holiday marking the end of Ramadan, is not that far down the corner. Soon the Eid decorations will be going up! This year I made a Eid garland to go along with the rest of the decorations.

I had purchased these wooden pennants from Pick Your Plum a few months ago. If you are not already familiar with Pick Your Plum, I highly recommend that you familiarize yourself ASAP!

Along with the pennants, I also gathered some scrapbook paper that I thought would be perfect for my Eid garland.

If you’ve been following my blog, you might know I’m a big fan of Mod Podge. Just love the stuff!! So of course that’s what I used for my garland. I cut out the scrapbook paper to fit on each wooden pennant and Mod Podged the paper on.

You guys also know how much I love my Silhouette. Just check out my cutting mat for proof! For as much as I do mention it, my poor Silhouette never gets an appearance on my blog, so I decided to give it it’s first debut… In action! I chose two different fonts for Happy and Eid in the Silhouette software, then sent them to my Silhouette to cut. It’s that simple! Then I Mod Podged the letters onto the pennants.

I wanted to give my pennants a vintage look, so I thought it would fun to distress the edges. However I didn’t have distressed ink and I just wanted to work with what I already had hand. I did have a brown ink pad, so I decided to give that a try. I applied it around the edges of each pennant with a foam paint brush. I was pleased with the outcome. It looks distressed, don’t ya think? :D

I did put one final coat of Mod Podge to seal in the ink.

Lastly, I looped jute through the pennants and tied ribbon and lace between each pennant.

The inspiration for this garland was actually Pick Your Plum! When I purchased the wooden pennants from Pick Your Plum, in one of their images, they had shown a Happy Birthday garland that had the letters of the two words alternating. I loved how fun it looked, so I decided to do the same thing with my Eid garland by alternating the letters of Happy and Eid. However since there are less letters in Happy Eid, I added two blank pennants to complete the alternation.

I love my new Eid garland! What do you think?

I am excited to share that next week marks the one year anniversary for my blog! To share the excitement, I have a couple of giveaways lined up for you. Be sure to come back and check them out!


  1. August 3, 2012  9:41 am by Violet Reply

    Maysem, can I order one exactly the same for purchase please? Beautifully done! So quality and the colours are perfect x

  2. August 3, 2012  11:13 am by Hani Reply

    wow.. You have put me in the mood for Eid now. :) You mantel looks amazing!
    Thanks for linking up at Friday Fun Party. Have a nice weekend!

  3. August 3, 2012  6:29 pm by Amy of While Wearing Heels Reply

    Your mantel is beautifully decorated. It looks amazing. I love your pennant garland and I love how you alternated the words. Even if it was inspired elsewhere, I had never seen that before. You must make holidays and celebrations really special for the girls and your husband.

  4. August 3, 2012  6:30 pm by Ahlam Reply

    You need to sell your own line maysem! Love it! :)

  5. August 3, 2012  11:53 pm by Kathy Moody Reply

    Wow, that is so awesome! I love it, and the colors are great!!

  6. August 4, 2012  2:57 am by Leila Reply

    lovely!! your use of ribbons makes it even more festive. Question, is the silhouette better than the cricut? not sure if you've tried both.

  7. August 4, 2012  3:00 am by ColleenB. Reply

    Your banner looks fantastic up against your beautiful mantel

  8. August 8, 2012  8:15 pm by MeagsK Reply

    You've done a beautiful job Maysem. I love the colours that you have used. I'm hanging out for a Shilloutte machine. busy saving saving saving :)

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  10. August 15, 2012  5:02 pm by Kim@madeinaday Reply

    Very cute..you are awesome! Thanks for linking up!

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