New Planters for My Plants

Remember my chalkboard labeled planters I shared with you in this post. I love those planters, but I knew the day would come when I had to move my plants to bigger planters. If you recall from that post, I had told you that I had kept the plants in the original plastic pots they came in. Well, my mom (my plant expert) had visited me earlier last week and told me that if I wanted my plants to live, that I needed to transfer them to bigger planters. Now, I just couldn’t let another plant die on my watch… I think I would be banned from ever caring for another plant again! So I decided to take my mother’s advice… she is the plant expert after all. Hey, I’m even surprised these plants survived under my care for this long. ;)

Of course, I can’t keep the transfer to bigger pots simple. If my plants are to move to a new home, they couldn’t be any ordinary planters. So, off to work I went to make a new home for my plants.

I grabbed some things that I thought might be helpful with my project…. terra cotta pots, book about plants, Mod Podge, gesso, potting soil plus a few more things… burlap, stamps, ink pad, acrylic paint, and sealant.

The plan was to Mod Podge some of the book pages from the plant book onto the terra cotta pots. You didn’t actually think I got that book to learn more about caring for my plants, did you? Of course not…. then again maybe I should have. ;) Ha!

To get started, I first applied gesso onto the book pages and then Mod Podged them onto the pots. At first I applied the pages as whole pages, but, since the pages were wide, the curve of the pots made it difficult to avoid air bubbles. Instead I tore the pages in random sized strips and pieces which made the Mod Podge process easier.

Using a sponge and brown ink stamp pad, I stained the planters. Then I sprayed them with a few coats of sealant.

The saucers were painted with acrylic paint, and once the paint was dry, stained them as well. I also sprayed the saucers with sealant. The staining method of using an ink pad was just a random idea I thought of (not sure if anyone has done this) and I’ve only used it with the Versafine brand which dries almost instantly (on paper it does dry instantly). If you do decide to use this method, with any other ink I would recommend testing it out first or at least wait for the ink to dry before handling.

For the finishing touch, I made stamped burlap labels and hot glued them on.

Of course, lets not forget about the actual plants. Into their new home they went! I planted them, watered them, and will watch them grow! [Fingers crossed. ;)]

Hopefully my plants are enjoying their new home. We’ll have to wait to find out. ;) What do you all think of their new home?

In the next post I’ll be sharing with you how I actually displayed my new planters, so be sure to come back!



  1. August 27, 2012  9:25 am by ColleenB. Reply

    I think they look wonderful in their new pots
    I never had the heart to tear pages out of a book. Instead I would scan and print out the pages I wanted and my books are still intact.
    If you know the names of your plants; you might consider making some plant markers :}
    Have a great day and a better day tomorrow

    • February 7, 2013  2:44 am by HT Reply

      I'm the same way! Destroying books is so sad! :-) My scanner is just as useful as my printer. Lol.

  2. August 27, 2012  9:30 am by Cheryl@ Sew Can Do Reply

    So lovely - I've just pinned this. I'm sure the plants love them too. Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday at Sew Can Do:)

  3. August 27, 2012  9:53 am by Claudine Reply

    The plants are growing!!!! I love the new pots! And the burlap labels, adorable!

  4. August 27, 2012  12:36 pm by Aziza Reply

    I love the pots! The burlap is a nice touch :)

  5. August 27, 2012  4:24 pm by sahara Reply

    WOW!!!! the transformation is incredible..:)

  6. August 27, 2012  8:33 pm by Kathie Reply

    These are beautiful and the burlap labels are just perfect! I would love if you would share these at my Gettin' Krafty With It party!

  7. August 27, 2012  9:44 pm by Nicole Reply

    I will have to snag this awesome idea. Now that I have seen what it looks like all finished up, fantastic. Thanks
    I bet it would also look nice with newspaper headlines and such. Just considering it.

  8. August 28, 2012  5:55 pm by JaneEllen Reply

    Hi Maysem As usual a great tutorial. I would have a little problem tearing pages out of book also. Would do as previous commentor advised. Takes more ink to copy etc. but my conscience wouldn't suffer, lol. Silly thing to be so strict about. But anyway. love your planters and the burlap labels you made. Very cute.
    (I'll be changing to a different internet provider tomorrow night, Hughes net. Been having so many problems with Century Link for far too long (over 6 yrs.) so are changing, hopefully Hughes Net will be much better. )

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  10. August 29, 2012  3:09 pm by Maria Reply

    WOW these are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the little burlap labels, they are so cute!!!!!

  11. August 29, 2012  4:20 pm by Anna Reply

    These are super cute!!!!

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  13. September 2, 2012  7:44 pm by The Prudent Pantry (@PrudentPantry) Reply

    What a great idea. These are so cute. I love anything that uses book pages.

    I would love it if you would share this at the Smart Solutions linky party. You can link up here:

    Have a great day!

  14. September 3, 2012  7:09 am by Meaningful Nest Reply

    I love the burlap labels on your planters! Awesome idea!

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  16. September 4, 2012  8:05 pm by shirley@housepitalitydesigns Reply

    Love these flower pots Maysem...I must have lost the subscription to your blog when you switched over....just re-subcribed!!

  17. September 5, 2012  10:00 am by Paula-Riverton Housewives Reply

    I LOVE this idea! It looks so great! We'd love for you to link this up at our party!

  18. September 9, 2012  10:14 pm by Rachel Sue Reply

    This is such a fun idea! I would love to feature this on Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle. Feel free to stop by and grab a featured button. Thanks!

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