Gift Basket Making With Anthro!

On Wednesday I participated in another Anthropologie workshop. This time it was a gift basket making workshop.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one or what it included, but nevertheless I figured it’s Anthro so it’s worth checking out.

There were a lot more attendees at this event than the last one I attended. At our arrival, we were greeted with hot chocolate, juices, and an assortment of cookies from a cute bakery located in the historical area of a neighboring town. I’ve been to that bakery a few times; it is quite lovely. Also on the table were the supplies we were to use for the baskets: three sorts of baskets one of them being a berry basket, all sorts of yarn and ribbon, and pre-made pom poms. As well as gift tags.

I had assumed that we would just be making the baskets and not necessarily filling them, so I was caught a bit off guard to learn that we were to fill them with items from Anthro. Doh! I wasn’t prepared to have in mind exactly for whom I would be making baskets.

Gift Baskets Anthropologie Workshop

They had pre-made baskets prepared for inspiration… I loved them all as they were quite Anthropologie.. but of course!

After some contemplation, I figured out who I would make the baskets for… Suraya’s teacher and aid!

Gift Basket Making Anthropologie Workshop

I had already purchased their Homegrown Monogram mugs prior to the workshop. I had planned to create a hot chocolate kit for each… I figured I’ll just complete it at Anthro! I shared my intention with one of the workshop leaders, and she showed me their sipping chocolate (wasn’t expecting this one!). Sipping chocolate? Hmm… not exactly hot chocolate and just a slight deviation from the original plan. Have you ever had sipping chocolate? I never did but I was aware (from Trader Joe’s as they carry it too) that it isn’t like hot chocolate… it’s much stronger.

The workshop leader also showed me other trinkets that I can add to the basket such as a notebook, paper clips, candle, and a monogram key chain (which I did fall in love with!). As we all know, Anthro prices can be quite overwhelming and I wasn’t looking to spend a crazy amount on the teachers. Even though I thought the monogram key chain would have made a cute addition, mugs and sipping chocolate is what I stuck to. Also, I had a plan for when I got home… a small but cute addition to add to the baskets.

I set off to decorate my baskets. On each basket, I used a wide yarn that spread out even wider once added to the basket. On the handle of the mugs, I planned to add pom poms which I took home to place on my already purchased mugs. The sipping chocolate already came with it’s own felt embellishment… you might recall them from last year’s Anthro gift wrapping. Lastly each basket was filled with grass. Keeping the basket simple and allowing the items in the basket to speak for themselves… the baskets were done. I grabbed two gift tags to add later at home. I’ll show you in a bit the finished baskets.

Anthropologie Gift Basket Workshop

I did make a third basket for a friend. I grabbed the Sip-of-Nectar mug in blue along with the Mandala coaster in green motif. I used the same wide yarn I used for the first two baskets except on three sides rather all four. For the one side, which was to be the front of the basket, I used a thinner yarn that was brown and gold and added a pom pom to the center. I filled up the basket with grass, and in went the mug and coaster which were tied together with a gold ribbon. I finished it off with a gift tag that said For our coffee dates. Gift basket number three was done. I was checked out, and then I was off on my merry way!

Even though I didn’t learn any new concepts to the gift basket making process, it was fun getting together with a group of people sitting around just making baskets and comfortably mingling with one another. Sometimes that’s all that is needed! It was a wonderful experience that I think I would do again just for that! :)

Anthropologie Gift Baskets

The next day, I completed the gift baskets for Suraya’s teachers. From my hot chocolate craft party that I had in February, I had extra wood scoopers. I grabbed two of them and stamped them with Enjoy and added them to the baskets. Then I finished each basket off with the Anthro gift tags… I stamped each one with Keep Warm. From Suraya.

Anthropologie Teacher Gifts

I bagged them in the Anthro bag which I embellished with another pom pom and with this year’s Anthro gift wrapping embellishment. Teacher’s gifts are done! Not my original plan, but still cute!

Did your Anthropologie have a gift basket making workshop? Did you attend?



  1. December 14, 2012  10:10 am by amandab2 Reply

    I don't live anywhere near an Anthropologie, but your baskets turned out super cute.

  2. December 14, 2012  10:21 am by Maha Reply

    Very nice! I think Suraya's teacher will love her gift basket!

  3. December 14, 2012  1:24 pm by Annabaelle Reply

    Wish we had an Anthropologie but unfortunately I don't even know where the closest one is.
    I saw your notice above the comment box saying "I love reading your comment so type away!" so I will respond with
    "I love your blog so type away yourself."

  4. December 15, 2012  10:04 am by ColleenB. Reply

    Your baskets are absolutely Wonderful. Great Job
    The mugs look like they're a nice size as well. Just right for a nice hot cup of cocoa or coffee
    I'm sure the teachers and your friend will love them.

  5. December 17, 2012  10:12 am by Megan Reply

    They look beautiful. That sounds like it was a lot of fun.

  6. December 17, 2012  10:30 pm by Karen @ Folk Haven Reply

    Teacher's gifts from Anthropologie?!! Suraya will be student of the year (if not the decade)! Just lovely... And yes, there is something wonderful about the comaraderie of sitting around crafting with others, even if you don't know anyone ahead of time.

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