Weekend Activities

Over the weekend I joined my friend Veronica for an Annie Sloan paint demonstration over at Nest Vintage Modern. I haven’t had the opportunity to use Annie Sloan paint yet, but I have seen so many amazing transformations using the paint all over blog land. We both enjoyed the demo; we learned some great tips.

Nest Vintage Modern Annie Sloan Demo

After the demo, I was so psyched to find a project that calls for this awesome paint. I have some ideas of where I would like to use it… just ideas for now. In the meantime Veronica has two nightstands that need a makeover… so she’s invited me to join her this week for the transformation. Of course, I’m in!!

Nest Vintage Modern

Nest Vintage Modern is located in Brookfield, IL. If you are ever in the area, I totally recommend visiting this cute shop. There were quite a few cute things that I eye spied… one of them were these spoon plant markers. I just loved the stamped phrases… my exact sentiments for my plants! HA! In case you were wondering about the status of my plants, I’ve accidentally killed two of them. I promise, it was accidental. I was quite devastated when I discovered them. I’m still getting over it. I haven’t told my mom yet… I don’t want to be banned from the [imaginary] plant club. ;) Besides, one is still going, and I sure hope it keeps going!

Vintage Green Glass Juice Bottles

After the demo, we did some antique shopping over at Jackson Square Mall. I scored these two green juice bottles. I thought they were quite unique… don’t ya think? I’m thinking I’ll use them for my spring mantel.

Other than painting urges, I’ve had cookie decorating urges as well. It’s not often I get that urge. So that’s what I also did over the weekend… bake and decorated cookies for Valentine’s. I’ll share the cookies along with how I packaged them in the next couple of posts…. I think I’ve got three packaging ideas for ya! I say think because I haven’t experimented yet. That’s today’s project for myself. ;)

So now it’s your turn… tell me, what did you do over the weekend?


  1. January 28, 2013  9:09 am by staginggraces Reply

    I had a fantastic time "vintiquing" with you over the weekend, today, Yesterday, I enjoyed my new chair in my living room that I scored at the Consignment Shop

  2. January 28, 2013  9:20 am by Karen @ Folk Haven Reply

    Sounds like a fun weekend! You have cookie decorating urges whereas I have cookie eating urges! As for my weekend, I got landed back on bed rest after preterm labor on Saturday. Bed rest in a hotel room is boring, so please post away this week. i'm living vicariously through the blogs I read these days!

  3. January 28, 2013  3:37 pm by Amy of While Wearing Heels Reply

    I just used Annie Sloan for the first time myself. I wish I would have gone to a demonstration. I really enjoyed using it, I am sure that some tips from experts would come in handy. I can't wait to see your cookies for Valentine's. I am sure they are as impressive as everything else you do. I also can't wait to see what you came up with for wrapping them up. I am sure it will work out!

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  5. February 21, 2013  3:46 pm by Alana Reply

    Thank you so much for the really sweet blog post, Maysem! You gals were a hoot. Come back anytime. :)

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  7. October 3, 2013  7:48 pm by jerry Reply

    I came upon several of those green glass jars and was wondering what they might be worth? I love the colors of the jars and have been trying to decide what we could do with them?

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