Healthier Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

I’ve been on a health kick these past couple of months. Working out and trying to eat healthier. Ha! Yup, this is the sweet toothed gal talking here. I’m totally in motivation mode especially in the working out category… I hate exercising y’all so this will come as a shocker (because it was to me) when I tell you that I’m enjoying it… thus far! I’ve been doing P90X and the treadmill at home. I got the P90X from my brother (who is a health and fitness freak… and who goes nuts on me when I do bring by any of my baked goodies!)… the set consists of twelve different workouts. I can proudly say so far so good. Hopefully I can keep it up… just need to keep the motivation going.

I’ve been using My Fitness Pal app to help me keep track of my food intake. Food is a challenge… finding healthy yummy meals that will fill you up properly. I’ve been spending a lot of time online searching and pinning recipes to try. I love when I find something on Pinterest because usually where you find one healthy dish you’ll find more on the same board. My searches are usually just for meals, but I have come across healthy desserts as well. Healthy desserts made out of healthy ingredients! I’ve entered a whole new world folks! I knew there were recipes out there using healthy ingredients, but yielding actually delicious results… now that’s a new one to me! See, I’ve been under the impression that “healthy ingredients” = “yucky dessert”. Well, this treat that I’m going to share with you today has proven me wrong. It has given me hope that they do exist… healthy yummy baked goods!

The dessert in question: a deep dish chocolate chip cookie pie from Chocolate Covered Katie: The Healthy Dessert Blog. So what convinced me to give this a try? Well for one it looked awesome. Don’t believe me. See it for yourself right HERE. Two, all the positive feedback that were left by people that actually did try it. And three, it said it’s 200 calories/slice. I figured why not; I’ve got nothing to lose… well, other than wasted ingredients.

Healthy Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

So I went for it… and here it is! It was excellent! I can’t believe it’s made out of chickpeas! Yup, in case you didn’t check out the recipe yet, that’s what I said… chickpeas! No flour. No butter. No eggs. Gluten free. We are talking lots of fiber and protein from not only the chickpeas, but also from the oats.. another ingredient in the recipe. For those that are worried about the chickpeas… you don’t even know they are there. I’m telling you, this is good. Better than good!

I must add that I thought it tasted so much better once it completely reached room temperature… and even better the next day. But that’s just me. For those that know my chocolate chip cookie rule, that’s odd coming from me because I am all about eating your chocolate chip cookie while it’s still warm and gooey… almost straight out of the oven! I guess sometimes there are exceptions to the rule. But then again, this isn’t really a cookie… it’s a pie!

Katie has two versions of this recipe. I used this recipe HERE. For the sugar free version, click HERE. The sugar free version uses dates and stevia. The next time I make this I want to try the sugar free version. I find the idea of using dates intriguing.

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

Now, here’s the only question I had about this recipe… if anyone knows the answer, please chime in. It states that each slice is 200 calories. Serves 8. As I stated, that was one of the things that caught my attention. However, one of the commenters had stated she did her own calculations and came up with 396 calories per slice. So I decided to do my own calculations as well, and I ended up with pretty much the same calculations as that commenter… 398. How was the 200 calorie count obtained? Maybe there were substitutions made… maybe smaller slices served making the serving per pie more. I’m curious to find out. I did leave a question, so hopefully I’ll get a response. However, it is still drastically less calories than a traditional chocolate chip cookie pie which has about 700 calories. Also, it’s healthier which makes a big difference. I figure I’ll just have a smaller slice if need be. But on the day I made the pie, I burned enough calories to be able to afford the 398 calories if indeed that’s the more accurate number. Hey, I deserved it! And it was gooood! ;) Update: Mystery solved! I went back and read some of the comments under the No Sugar recipe version. The 200 calories were based on if the batch was split into two 8 inch pans, and each one cut into 8 slices (info was also found if you click on the nutrition information). When baked in two 8 inch pans, it yields a thinner pie. I did make the No Sugar version; I was able to taste the dates so I do like the original version better. Also, I baked it into a 10 inch deep dish pie pan and cut into 12 slices. In the 10 inch with 12 slices, each slice is about 254 calories. The original recipe would be about 265 calories.

Now does this mean I’m completely done with my not so healthy goodies… whether it be savory or sweet? Of course not! It just means I’ll be having a lot less of them… A LOT less! And when I do have them, they will be in small portions… guilt free portions.

Are you a healthy eater? Do you exercise regularly or try to? If you have any healthy low calorie recipe recommendations… savory or sweet… feel free to send them my way!


  1. March 8, 2013  9:43 am by Jess Reply

    YES!!!! I am always on the hunt for healthier sweets recipes - this one really looks like a keeper!!! I have a terrible time trying to control my sweet tooth being pregnant and I will definitely be making this sweet treat!!!

  2. March 8, 2013  8:47 pm by Amy of While Wearing Heels Reply

    Look at you! I am impressed with your health kick and glad to see that you are still indulging. I don't know what I would do without your sweet treats shared on your posts :).

  3. March 8, 2013  11:17 pm by shirley@housepitalitydesigns Reply

    Wow....what a great looking pie...I will definitely have to try this as my hubby no longer eats "gluten"...

  4. March 9, 2013  9:01 pm by manal Reply

    I'm gonna have to try this one day.... Looks Yummy!

  5. March 13, 2013  9:39 am by Christine Mann Reply

    this DOES look yummy!! I am on a diet too, and always looking for new yummy ideas. Come on by and check out my sugar free, gluten free, low carb foods too. Have a blessed day <3

  6. March 13, 2013  2:18 pm by vmg206 Reply

    YUM! Look good ~ Chocolate Chip is my fav!
    I found you today thru the Homework Linky. I hope you get a chance to stop by my blog and leave a comment, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

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