Funky Good Witch!

From Milk Carton… to 50’s Girl… to Zombie Bride. What will Suraya be this Halloween? At first she thought she wanted to be a superhero… but then she thought maybe a witch… scary witch that is. I thought, instead of the traditional scary witch, how about a funky good witch. Suraya was sold!

The Good Witch Halloween Shirt

In the previous post, I shared the top of the outfit. A top well suited for Suraya… well most of the time that is. ;)

Funky Witch Tutu Costume

For the bottom half of the outfit, I went tutu style! It’s No Sew and super duper easy to make!

Most of you probably already know how to make a No Sew tutu. In case some of you don’t, I’ll show a you quick tutorial to get you started.

No Sew Tutu Supplies

All you need is tulle and elastic. I used 1/2″ inch width elastic and the 25 yard rolls of tulle. You can use the tulle sold by the yard. I usually go with what is on sale at the time, and this time it happened to be the rolls. How much tulle is needed will depend on how full you want your skirt and the length you want it. For this skirt, combining all the colors into one, I used about 3 rolls worth in total.

No Sew Tutu Tutorial

{I ended up using just the glittered purple and not the matte purple}

Measure your daughter for the length you would like the tutu. Double that number and add an inch or two.  That’s the length you will cut the tulle. If you are using tulle sold by the yard, the width cut will be 6″ inches. How many strips you need will depend on how full you want the skirt. For this skirt, I had the following amount of strips: 36 strips of black (2 rolls needed), 9 strips each of purple and green, 6 strips of orange. Warning: If you use glitter tulle, expect a glitter mess!

No Sew Tutu Tutorial

Cut your elastic to the size of your child’s waist [without stretching]. Tie your elastic around something to give it a stretch as you work. I used a pillow, but you can use anything. Remember elastic is stretchy, so you may need to trim off access, but I save that for the end after fitting it. Since we are just tying it off, adjusting size and trimming access is easy.

Take one strip of tulle and fold it in half. Insert the looped end under the elastic, then bring down the ends of the tulle through the loop. Tighten. Keep doing that until you are done. Easy peasy, right? I did the follow alternating with my tulle: 4 black, 2 orange, 4 black, 3 green, 4 black, 3 purple, repeat.

The fourth step you see in the picture above is optional. After each tie off, I folded the ends of the tulle and cut at an angle to create a point at the bottom of the tulle.

No Sew Tutu With Scrap Fabric Tutorial

Once I was done with the tulle, I added strips of the fabric I used in the shirt. I cut the strip with pinking sheers and tied them on the same way I tied the tulle.

And that’s all there is to the skirt!

DIY Funky Witch Hat

Of course we must not forget a witch’s most important accessory… her hat! An ordinary hat was not going to do for this witch! Funky is her style so funky hat she got!

Target Witch Hat Makeover

I purchased this hat from Target’s bargain section for $3.00. The black tulle on top hung like a veil, so I trimmed it down. I added some patches and fabric rosettes. No sew too! A hot glue gun is all I needed!

In case you need a tutorial for a fabric rosette, I have one for ya right HERE.

DIY Funky Witch CostumeOur Funky Witch is all set to collect her treats!

Striped tights, purple converse boots, and fun makeup added more spunk to our Funky Witch’s outfit! Also, since we tend to get a chilly Halloween in Chicago, I layered Suraya with a neon green shirt under her The Good One top. And we threw in her chopped up gloves from her Zombie Bride costume.

Funky Witch Tutu Costume Tutorial

It was quite windy as we were taking these pictures, but Suraya held on tight to her hat and attempted to kindly zap the wind away…

Funky Witch Halloween Costume

Funky Witch Tutu Halloween Costume Tutorial

Funky Witch Tutu Costume for Kids

But to no avail, so she decided to just have fun and let the wind be!

So what do you think of our little Funky Good Witch?


  1. October 23, 2013  9:17 am by Leslie Caskey Reply

    SO cute!!!! :)) I want this for me (and I'm 44)! :)

  2. October 23, 2013  10:39 am by Rana Reply

    I love the costume and Suraya makes a great good witch :)

  3. October 24, 2013  12:34 pm by amy of while wearing heels Reply

    That is one adorable good little witch. She looks so wickedly colorful. Love the tutu. The broom is the perfect accessory and the makeup is just the sweetest extra touch.

  4. October 26, 2013  9:43 am by Consie @ Atop Serenity Hill Reply

    I saw this on your instagram account! So happy to have found the directions!! I just love the skirt.

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  6. October 30, 2013  8:01 am by Kim Reply

    Stopping by to let you know I featured you today on my Spooktacular Linky Party Final Features! Thanks so much for joining this years party!

  7. October 17, 2015  2:41 pm by Michele Reply

    I made one from your inspiration. I put it on my Instagram

    • November 18, 2015  1:54 am by Maysem Reply

      Saw it and you did a adorable job!! Thanks for letting me know! :)

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