For the Key to My Heart {Valentine Key Chain}

I am a sucker for cute.. and handmade cuteness even more. When I saw these too cute for words handmade “house” key chains on Flickr, I knew I had to make one… but a Valentine’s Day version instead!

Valentine Key Chain

And of course I couldn’t resist including a cute phrase to go along with it… For the Key to My Heart. I know, I know… I can be cheesy sometimes. I’ll just blame this one on Valentine’s Day. :P

DIY Valentine's Day Key Chain

It was fairly quick and easy to whip up one key chain that I just couldn’t just stop at one!

Valentine's Day Key Chain Tutorial

Of course it’s quicker to make these with a sewing machine, but if you don’t own one it’s ok. These key chains can easily be hand sewn too.

To make one, this is all you need to do…

Valentine Key Chain TutorialCut out two pieces of 2.5″ inches squared fabric. A heart measuring about 1.5″. You can use a template for the heart, but all I did was fold a square piece of fabric in half and cut out half of a heart shape. The heart doesn’t need to be perfect… actually imperfect was what I was going for. Also, cut out a piece of ribbon or rope of some sort (length is your preference). Have ready some batting and a key ring.

First, sew the heart on top of one square. I went around the heart about three times with imperfect stitches.

With right sides facing, place the two square pieces on top of each other with the folded end of the ribbon sandwiched in between allowing the cut ends to stick out a bit.

With a 1/4″ inch seam allowance, sew around the squares leaving about 3/4 inch of an opening at the bottom. Backstitch in the beginning and end. Trim the corners and the ribbon ends.

Turn the fabric right side out, and with a dowel rod (skewer or pencil will work) push out the corners. Stuff your key chain with batting and hand sew the opening close. Attach the key ring to the ribbon loop.

For the Key to My Heart Valentine Key Chain

Key chain is done. Valentine it or keep it. And if like me you can’t decide, just do both. Whoever said you can’t give a valentine to yourself! ;)


  1. January 20, 2014  9:42 am by whatiadore Reply

    cute! love the idea. For sure I'd make one for myself lol.

  2. January 20, 2014  10:04 am by ColleenB. ~ Texas Reply

    those are adorable and what a cute saying.
    These would make cute little sachets as well

  3. January 20, 2014  1:31 pm by Maha Reply

    Very cute! I would give myself one too! Lol!

  4. January 20, 2014  1:39 pm by Esra Reply

    This is adordable!!!! I can totally see this being sold at anthro. Xo

  5. January 21, 2014  10:36 am by sahara Reply


  6. January 28, 2014  3:35 pm by Ana Love Craft Reply

    Super cute! Thanks for sharing great tutorial!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

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