Wood Love Bird Cake Topper

This past weekend I attended a wedding for one of my dearest friends. She asked me to make the cake topper for her wedding cake. I gave her a few ideas, and she fell in love with the wood love birds with a message.

Wood Love Birds Wedding Cake Topper

I can’t take credit for this idea, and you may have seen these toppers around the web. The ones I have seen, the message is imprinted with burnt letters. I don’t own a wood burner pen, so I went the stenciling route.

It was super duper simple to make. To make this topper, all you need are the following:

Wood birds (Michaels)

Spray paint (optional)

Acrylic paint

Stencil (letters or words)

Foam brush

2 Skewers trimmed to 6″ inches

Glue (I used wood glue)

Wood Love Bird Wedding Cake Topper Tutorial

The color scheme of the wedding was gold, so I first spray painted each bird gold. Of course, they can be left as is if that’s the look you want to achieve.

Once the birds were dry, I stenciled in with black paint We on one bird and Do on the second. The paint was dabbed on. I made my stencils with my Silhouette out of adhesive vinyl. If you do use an adhesive stencil, be sure to make it less sticky to keep it from removing the paint (if you painted your birds).

Last step, I glued the skewers onto each bird with Gorilla wood glue.

Wood Love Bird Cake Topper

See how simple that was! A simple topper but yet a statement maker… that statement being We Do! ;)


  1. April 14, 2014  10:03 am by Dina Reply

    So cute !

  2. April 14, 2014  10:05 am by Maha Reply

    Good job Maysem! You are a good friend and person Mashallah! I always say you should be a party planner with your creativity.

  3. April 14, 2014  1:07 pm by Alana Reply

    SO cute!! Simple and pretty.

  4. April 14, 2014  5:58 pm by Aziza Reply

    THese are so simple, yet make a HUGE statement! I love them! Another fabulous concotion Maysem, you are amazing!

  5. April 14, 2014  7:55 pm by Tahrer Reply

    Love it, its soo cute Mayse!!!

  6. April 15, 2014  9:17 am by ColleenB. ~ Texas Reply

    what a cute and clever idea and such an easy project as well.

  7. April 15, 2014  12:06 pm by Rana Reply

    This is such a cute idea and turned out great.

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  9. June 3, 2014  5:19 am by sahara Reply

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Everyone at the wedding loved this! And I loved it the most. Definitely a statement maker.

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