Eid Round Up

Eid is just a couple weeks away. Just in case you haven’t started thinking about it yet, I thought to give you some ideas to get you started!

Eid Ideas and InspirationHere are some of my faves:

Eid Cursive Wacky StrawI am quite smitten with these Eid cursive straws from Muslamb. What kid… small or big {ehem, as in adults ;)}… wouldn’t love to sip from one of these straws! They would make fun party favors, addition to any gift basket, or even play the role of a gift tag!

Moon Pinata

Piñatas are always a fun activity at any party… or how about just for fun for your little ones to help celebrate Eid! I’m getting a kick out of this DIY moon piñata.

Modern Eid Oversized Letter BalloonsYou know what else I’m getting a kick out of? These oversized letter balloons from Modern Eid. Can’t make a bigger statement than this! ;)

Free Printable Mosque Lantern

More decor ideas! I love this idea from Sweet Fajr… a Mosque Lantern printable. It’s FREE! Get it here.

Whipped Bakeshop Tile Cookies for EidCheck out these beautiful tile cookies from Whipped Bakeshop. Stunning, aren’t they? Who wouldn’t love receiving a box of these cookies!

Eid Gift Wrapping Inspiration

As I’ve probably said it a million and one times, I’m a sucker for cute packaging. Really, you can give me an empty box that is nicely packaged and I’d be happy…. but do let me know if it is empty before I ruin the packaging! :P Get inspired by this one from Papersome.

Eid Gift Bag Idea

How about this for a packaging idea! Use it as a gift bag… or feel free to just gift it as is! From The Tote Gallery. {salaam = peace}

Eid Money Envelopes From In My Studio

I know gift shopping isn’t always easy. For those hard to shop for, sometimes gift cards or money is the easier way to go. Add a creative touch by placing them in cute money envelopes like these from In My Studio. Available as already printed or DIY printable.

Delicious Eid Greeting Cards

How deliciously cute are these greeting cards from SANAT Craft! And I love that the back of the card says Enjoy!

Gingerbread Mosque for Ramadan and Eid

You may have already seen this gingerbread mosque on my Facebook page, but I thought it definitely was worth the re-share. With a Spin shares the how to along with the template. A great craft to make with the kiddos during Ramadan and carry it through into your Eid decor.

There are so many great ideas out there. You just have to get yourself thinking outside the box, and I hope today’s ideas have inspired you just a bit!

For more Eid ideas, be sure to follow my Ramadan and Eid board on Pinterest!

Eid Decorating and Gift Ideas

Here are some of my own Eid creations I’ve shared with you in the last few posts plus more HERE!


  1. July 14, 2014  2:23 pm by Esra Reply

    Omg I'm in Eid idea heaven!

  2. July 14, 2014  4:59 pm by ColleenB. ~ Texas Reply

    Very interesting to learn more and more about your religion and customs.
    Glad that you put the meaning of the words on what it says on the gift bag, cards, etc.:} other wise I wouldn't had a clue to what they meant.
    Those tile cookies are gorgeous and someone has a lot more talent and patience than I do when it comes to cookie decorating.
    Enjoy your evening

  3. July 15, 2014  8:48 am by Lail | With A Spin Reply

    As salamu alalikum. A beautiful Eid roundup. Thank you so much for featuring the masjid. Greatly appreciate.

  4. July 15, 2014  2:31 pm by Amy of while wearing heels Reply

    What adorable stylish and fun ways to celebrate. I love the moon piñata. And those cookies are amazing.

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