Book Page Feather {Thanksgiving Packaging}

In the previous post I shared my Pumpkin Spiced Cookies. Cookies a pumpkin lover surely doesn’t want to miss… so go check them out if you haven’t yet.

Today I’m going to share one of the two ways I have packaged these cookies. The first packaging was made for swag bags that I was honored to contribute to. The second packaging are this year’s Thanksgiving favors, which I’ll be sharing in the next post.

Book Page Feather Thanksgiving Favor

The star of today’s packaging is the book page feather. Super duper easy to make… and super duper cute!

Book Page Feather Supplies

All that is needed to make a book page feather is colored card stock, book page (newspaper or magazine would work too), and floral wire… glue and scissors too!

Book Page Feather Tutorial

First, with a pencil, I hand drew a feather shape onto card stock. I cut it out and used it as my template for the rest of my feather cut outs not worrying too much about getting them to look perfect. I also cut out floral wire to the length that looked right in proportion to my feathers (about 3″).

Next I applied glue (I used glue stick) going down the the center of the card stock feather. I then placed the wire right on top of the glue and the book page feather directly on top rubbing it down to seal. To seal the wire in, I creased the book page feather up against the wire on each side.

Lastly I cut slits on an angle on each side of the feather.

Book Page Feathers

Feathers are done and ready to complete my cookie packaging! Wasn’t that easy?

Now for the rest of the packaging…

Thanksgiving Cookie Packaging

I placed a cookie in each pouch with wax paper to keep the cookie from greasing the bag, and sealed the back of the bag with washi tape.

With a brown grocery bag, I tore up pieces to make my Give Thanks tags. I stamped and hole punched each torn piece. I attached the tag with jute twine wrapped around the pouch.

And the finishing touch… I placed a Zots adhesive to the back of the feather towards the bottom and inserted the feather behind the twine.

Thanksgiving Cookie Favors with Book Page Feather

Packaging all done and ready to go. I’m loving it! Hope you are too!




  1. November 14, 2014  10:24 am by Hani Reply

    Love these!

  2. November 14, 2014  5:04 pm by ColleenB. Reply

    Besides cute and adorable; These R Awesome. You come up with the most clever packaging ideas.

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