Thankful For You {Thanksgiving Favors}

For the last two Thanksgivings, I’ve decided to make it a tradition to include Thanksgiving favors. An excuse to create… why not! This year’s Thanksgiving favors were made with the help of JAM Paper & Envelope.

Thankful For you Thanksgiving Cookie Favors

JAM Paper & Envelope have a variety of fun products that you will surely want to check out! They have a variety of cards and envelopes.. amongst my favorite being the kraft products. No surprise there! However, their product lines go beyond just paper and envelopes. They also carry gift packaging supplies like gift bags, wrapping paper, ribbon and more. Like I said, check them out!

JAM Paper & Envelopes

I was so excited when I found the package they sent me at my front door. Inside the package were these goodies… foldover kraft cards, burlap ribbon, and gift tags. I decided to use them to make my favors.

The plan was to create packaging to hold my pumpkin spiced cookies, and favors that would let my family know that I’m thankful for them.

DIY Thankful for You Thanksgiving Favors

First thing I did was stamp the inside of each card with the phrase Thankful For You, and each tag with Give Thanks. With pinking shears, I trimmed a bit off of the bottom of the tags just to give them a little bit more of a decorative look.

Kraft Envelope Cookie Packaging

Next, each bagged cookie went inside the envelop, folded side down. Then each envelope was wrapped with the burlap ribbon and my twine-like yarn. The yarn held the ribbon in place, so there was no need to glue the ribbon down. Also, the yarn was tied off in the back as a bow rather a knot for easy opening.

Thanksgiving Favors

For the last finishing touch and to personalize each favor for each person, I included small wooden letter tags. I threaded the tag’s string through the wooden tag. Lastly, I looped the tag’s string through the yarn, knotted it off, and cut off the access.

Hidden Message Thanksgiving Favors

A simple but statement making favor! My favorite part… the hidden message inside. :D

Thanks JAM Paper & Envelope!

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  1. December 3, 2014  12:18 am by Salwa Reply

    How fun!! Whoever got those favors must have felt super special. Share some of the secret messages ;-)

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