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I Got an Award!

I’ve been awarded a one of a kind Versatile Blogger Award by Amy from While Wearing Heels. Woohoo! Okay, maybe it’s not one of a kind, but I can pretend it is, can’t I? Afterall, it was given by a one of kind gal who gives me way more credit than I definitely deserve:D I love Amy and her blog. Her posts are full of humor. Whether it’s intentional or not, […]

Vintage {Spring} Vignette

Even though today is Thursday, it feels like a Friday to me. I think it’s because the kiddies are off of school tomorrow, so the last day of school in the week tends to feel like Friday. Feeling that way is one thing and saying it is Friday is another. Yesterday Susu tells me “tomorrow is Friday.” I tell her “no, it’s Thursday.” She looks at me like I’m the crazy one. […]

Wooden Tray Wall Decor

A couple of weeks ago I found pink wooden trays at Target in their $1 section. I’ve put together a simple vignette on top of my buffet cabinet, and I wanted a wall decor for the background. I had originally wanted an old window, but every one that I would come across was much more than I wanted to spend. When I saw the Target trays, they gave me another […]

Spring Flowers Cupcakes

It seems like I’ve been MIA doesn’t it? Well other than working on my new Etsy shop, I was also busy working on a cupcake tower order that was for a wedding shower this past weekend. I say “wedding” and not “bridal” because this was a shower thrown by the groom’s side of the family for the groom… and of course his bride to be. Not knowing the technical term […]

Etsy Shop Name Change

Yup that’s right! I had to change my name. I was so sad to have to do that because I loved the name Lil Inspirations and thought it was the perfect name for my Sleepy Baby dolls. Why did I have to change it? Well, it turns out there’s an already existing company with the name Li’l Inspirations. My new shop name is Ode to Inspiration with a tag line […]


I’ve been so behind in responding to everyone’s thoughtful and supportive comments. I just want to let you all know how appreciative I am for every single comment that has been left for me. Thank you! Thank you! I do plan on visiting each one of you, and for those that had specific questions, I promise I will be answering them. Thank you for your patience! As the the title […]

I've Been Tagged

Have you been tagged yet? There’s a tag game going around blog land, and I’ve been tagged by Melissa over at Serendipity and Spice. This isn’t your old fashioned game of tag (which I used to love as a kid!)… It’s a get to know the blogger type of game. Here are the rules: RULES: 1. You must post the rules. 2. Answer the 11 questions that the tagger posted […]

Shutter Inspiration

Hey ya’ll! I don’t have a craft for you today, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been crafting away. As a matter of fact I’ve been working on getting my Etsy shop started. Eek! I’m so excited! I’m finally opening up an Etsy shop! Some of you that have been harassing me to do so are probably shouting at me “It’s about time!” I know I know… it is about […]

Ruffled Pillows

Last spring I whipped up a couple of pillows for a quick fix. Anybody recognize them? I’d be surprised if anybody does! They were only in the background of some of the pictures in previous posts. Well, I think they have served their purpose very well, but I think it is time to give them a makeover. I love the fabric, but I wanted to spice them up. I had […]

Balloon Theme Birthday Cake

Most people that know me personally or outside my blog, know me as the cake girl. For those that know me through my blog know me more as a crafter. Since I’ve started my blog, I’ve done less cake decorating and more crafting. Unless those that personally know me follow my blog, they may not realize that about me. I love cake decorating, and as I mentioned in a couple […]