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Play Kitchen [Part 1]

This is a play kitchen waiting to be put together. These are the pieces that make up the play kitchen. Want to know the story behind this play kitchen? Want to know if this play kitchen will come to life? Well, just stop by for the next post to find out! :)

DIY Magnet Board

I have a magnet collector living with me. Her name is Suraya. Her collection of magnets are mainly from places she has visited and places that family has visited. She keeps them stored in a shoebox. Since magnet collection is one of Suraya’s favorite hobbies, I thought wouldn’t it be fun if she can display them. Yes, the fridge is one place they can be displayed, but since it is […]

Vintage Clutch Makeover

Remember the gold clutch I purchased from the Randolph Street Market Festival? I told you that if I do a makeover to it that I would share it. Well, here it is! The new look I gave the clutch was actually accidental. I had purchased a vintage looking gold and ivory lace headband from Hobby Lobby, but it was too tight. Boy was I disappointed. Out of disappointment, I just […]

Ode to Fathers

On the second to last week of school for Suraya, she came home with a packet of poems. My favorite one was a poem called Louder Than a Clap of Thunder by Jack Prelutsky from The New Kid on the Block. Personally, I like to call this poem Ode to Fathers (or husbands). ;) Louder than a clap of thunder, louder than an eagle screams, louder than a dragon blunders, or […]

Trip to Buffalo, NY

Boy do I feel like I’ve been MIA. You guys feel the same way too? Well, I did take a little trip… the girls and I went to visit my sister and her kiddies. We took a road trip with my parents and my aunt out to Buffalo, NY. A typical drive to Buffalo is eight hours from Chicago, but with all the bathroom breaks and one coffee break, it […]

Easy Baby Blanket Tutorial

Since I’ve been sewing for only a few years, I feel like I have no business doing a sewing tutorial. But I think I can manage showing you how to put together a simple baby blanket. I’m going to share with you my go to method for a quick and easy baby blanket. Here it goes, my first sewing tutorial! I made this baby blanket for my husband’s sister. She […]

Randolph Street Market Festival

Randolph St. Market Festival is America’s Biggest Urban Market. Well that’s what their flyer says. If not America’s, it’s definitely Chicago’s. It’s held one weekend every month not too far from Harpo Studios (Oprah’s studio). It’s the place where you will find antique vintage goodies. Yup, it’s vintage heaven! This was my first trip to the market, and definitely not my last! It’s a good thing for my hubby that […]

Petaled Satin Fabric Flower

One last wedding related post, I promise! This time this project is for Susu.. her hair accessory. I had planned to make Susu the same style hair clip as I did for Suraya, but I wanted Susu’s to have a petaled look and fuller. I had planned to substitute the circle cut outs with flower cut outs. The obvious idea, right? Well, Jonie over at Just Between Friends had a […]

Satin Flower Hair Accessory

Suraya is all ready for her role as the flower girl in her uncle’s wedding. Dress… check! Shoes… check! Jewelry (pearl earrings and pearl bracelet)… check! Flower basket… check! And now hair accessory… yup, that’s a check too! It was an easy one to make. Here, I’ll show you… I used two different shades of pink satin fabric and white. I also included a few pieces of netting in there as […]

Flower Girl Baskets

I wasn’t crazy about the flower girl baskets that the craft stores sell nor do I think they are worth their price. I found gorgeous baskets on Etsy that are more than what I want to spend even though they appear to be well deserving of their prices. So the only solution left was for me to make one myself. But of course! I made two baskets; one for Suraya […]