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Teacher Appreciation Week: No. 2 Pretzel Pencils

Teacher Appreciation Week is next week, so this week I want to share some gift ideas with you. I’ve been seeing so many adorable ideas out there especially involving school’s favorite yellow writing tool.. the good old reliable No. 2 pencil! I’ve seen cutely packaged real pencils as well as in edible form like cookies and candy. I started thinking what other form can I make an edible pencil. Pretzels… […]

Old Sewing Machine, New Pillow

I did it! I sewed with my new vintage sewing machine! I hand cranked that baby, and a pretty pillow was born! I must give kudos to all those amazing women in the past that had to hand crank! The most challenging part was trying to figure out how to wind the new thread on the bobbin. It turns out the owner’s manual I found was not for the same exact […]

Tablecloth Turned Placemats

I’ve been on the hunt for cute wipeable placemats. Cloth placemats just don’t cut it. With all the washing they get, they start to fade, shrink, and lose their shape. I did try bamboo, but I wasn’t happy with that either. Food gets stuck in between the cracks and spills seep through to the table. I’m trying to protect my nice wood table and bamboo is not cutting it! I […]

Another Vintage Sewing Machine!

Can I say that I have some really awesome friends? I really do!! Just check out what one of my friends gave me… Yup! A vintage Singer sewing machine. She sure knows the way to my heart;) THANKS BUNCHES ESRA!!! You guys might remember my too awesome of a friend Esra from this post where I made her a thank you gift. Now you can see truly how generous and […]

Ruffles & Flowers Pillows

Suraya’s pillows are done! I think they turned out cute! Suraya thought so too! I mixed them up with ruffles and flowers working with fabric I already had on hand. I’m going with the purple, aqua, and pink color scheme, so these three fabrics couldn’t have been more perfect! If you recall, I did tell you I have a “fabric shop” in my house… well that’s what my hubby calls it:) […]

Meet Gabriel

Meet my two and half year old nephew Gabriel. Don’t you just want to eat him:P He is the happiest, funniest, sweetest, silliest, smartest, most loving, lovable, friendly little boy I know. He LOVES to socialize and talk and talk and talk! He also gives the best hugs on the planet!! He’s my little buddy whom I love with all my heart! Gabriel was born with Spina Bifida. Before Gabriel, […]

Framed Monogram Wall Decor

If you shop at Michaels, you probably have seen this frame there about a couple months ago: When I first saw it, I loved it but didn’t buy it immediately since I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with it. I have a rule for myself: Do not buy something if there is no immediate use for it. Since I’m limited in storage space, I had to implement […]

Chalkboard Labeled Planters

I really have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to house plants. Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit my mother’s green thumb. When you walk into her home, you are greeted with an upstairs balcony full of plants.. plants in the entrance way of the living room.. and plants in the kitchen. My mother loves her plants… she’s had all of them for years and years and years! Gosh, I […]