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DIY Mini Domed Cake Plate & Cake Stand

I love thrifting. Especially when I find beautiful pieces like these wall plates and candle holder…. I could have just used them as they are, but what fun would that be? So instead I decided to do some simple crafting with them… a project that took about 5 minutes. Well, 5 minutes to make but I did have to wait for the glue to completely dry overnight. E6000 glue is […]

Hot Glue Gun Stand

What’s your favorite craft tool? Me? I love my hot glue gun. It’s probably my most used tool. So I thought it deserved it’s very own special toy. A hot glue gun stand! Isn’t it adorable? I bought it from The Bubble Box on Etsy. It’s stylish… it’s handy… and the workmanship is excellent! Also, talk about amazing customer service! Vanessa from The Bubble Box was so wonderful and easy to […]

Anise Biscotti Recipe

I hope everyone had a wonderful winter break. The kiddos go back to school tomorrow, and I don’t know if I’m ready to get back into the regular routine… not just yet. Most of the break was just relaxing, but we did a few things here and there some of which I did share on Instagram. The hubby, kiddos, and I brought in the New Year with a little party for […]

Winter Chalkboard Craft Party

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday celebration! The new year is just a few days away and I thought to end 2013 with a final post…. just because I’ve been anxious to share my craft party that was held this past weekend!! Well, it wasn’t just my craft party… I had two awesome co-hosts that helped me put it together with a few other contributors that helped make the whole […]

Gingerbread Pine Trees

I love gingerbread cookies. It’s a spiced cookie after all! After making two spiced cookies that I loved, I wanted to experiment with more. That’s when I realized that I’ve never made gingerbread cookies from scratch. Heh, one would think that’s an obvious choice. Well I decided to fix that problem, and that’s exactly what I did! Really nothing beats from scratch baked goodies so I knew that I was […]

Winter Decorating

It’s time to get ready for winter! Out went the fall decor and in came the winter decor! In my previous post, I shared my latest old windows all decked out for the winter season. And joining my mantel is my newest crush…. A duo of snow covered trees made out of reclaimed old barn wood. Aren’t they so cool?! I purchased them from While Wearing Heels Etsy Shop which belongs […]

Old Window Winter Decor

I love old windows. I know I have one, but is one really enough? No, said the two old windows calling out to me on one of my many vintiquing trips. I must admit I envy those of you finding old windows being thrown away, waiting for that roadside rescue. Nope, never has that happened to me. Sadly, not with windows. However these two windows I speak of were close […]

Peppermint Cookies & Cream Rice Krispies Treats

I have one final peppermint recipe for you. I promise. This one involves one of my favorite childhood treats…Rice Krispies! I’ve taken that beloved treat and combined it with my favorite winter cookie… Candy Cane Joe Joe’s. Nope, I can’t get enough of those cookies! And oh, I didn’t stop at just adding Joe Joe’s. I went on further and covered the top with melted semi-sweet chocolate, drizzled white chocolate, […]

Peppermint Crunch Marshmallows {Vegetarian}

You didn’t think I was done with peppermint yet, did you? Of course I’m not. This is the season of peppermint, after all! Besides, I couldn’t just make homemade hot chocolate and not make homemade marshmallows… could I now! I’ve made homemade marshmallows before which I did share in this post HERE. The recipe I make uses agar agar powder which is a natural vegetable gelatin. I loved the recipe […]

Gingerbread Hot Chocolate {on a Stick}

In the previous post I shared my Spiced White Hot Chocolate on a Stick recipe. Today it’s Gingerbread Hot Chocolate… also on a stick! I love the concept of hot chocolate being on a stick. Anything on a stick is always more fun. Is it just me, or does it tend to taste better too? Well, it’s definitely the case with hot chocolate… especially with this recipe! These were so […]