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Hey Cupcake, Be My Valentine

The first tutorial I ever shared with you all was how to make a “cupcake” candy. That was back in 2011! I had made some as welcome baby favors when my niece Sofia was born. I also used the idea for a girls’ summer camp craft class using small mason jars and cereal. Lastly, I made an apple version for Suraya’s 2nd grade teacher as a back to school gift. As I […]

Winter Decorating

It’s time to get ready for winter! Out went the fall decor and in came the winter decor! In my previous post, I shared my latest old windows all decked out for the winter season. And joining my mantel is my newest crush…. A duo of snow covered trees made out of reclaimed old barn wood. Aren’t they so cool?! I purchased them from While Wearing Heels Etsy Shop which belongs […]

Spiced White Hot Chocolate on a Stick

The cold season has arrived! That means it’s time to break out the winter coats, boots, hats, gloves, and scarves. It also means time to bring out the hot chocolate! One of my favorite ways to keep warm during the cold season is with a nice cup of hot chocolate. I decided to do some experimentation with some hot chocolate recipes… on a stick! And I’ve come up with two […]

Candy Cane Ice Cream Pie {with Joe Joe's Crust}

I think it’s already been established that I LOVE Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Joe Joe’s cookies. Since it’s been established, I think we can go straight to the treat I have for you today. Yes, it sure does involve using the Candy Cane Joe Joe’s! Last year, I shared these Candy Cane Cookie Truffles using Joe Joe’s, and they were heavenly! To get the recipe, feel free to jump over […]

Fall Leaf Doily Packaging

Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I sure did. The family and I went on our annual apple picking adventure at County Line Orchard. I’ve shared a couple of our past apple picking adventures with you. You can check them out here and here. I do want to talk apples with you but let’s leave it for another day, and instead let’s talk packaging! If you have […]

Fall Treat Packaging {Welcome Neighbor Gift}

In the previous post I shared a recipe for a yummy fall treat… Pumpkin pie spice and brown sugar nuts. I had made them for our new neighbors as a welcoming gift. These neighbors aren’t just any new neighbors. Nope, they certainly are not. They are a part of the OTI family… Mr. OTI’s cousin… along with his wife and darling little boy! The wife happens to also be a […]

School Birthday Treats

Suraya’s birthday was last week on Wednesday. She turned 9. Happy Birthday Suraya! For her school treats she wanted chocolate covered pretzels. That’s easy enough. Out to the grocery store I went and purchased Flipz! Yeah, I know I could have dipped some pretzels myself, but being busy with out of town guests all last week I opted to buy them instead. Besides, Flipz is what the birthday girl likes. […]

"Hop" Chocolate Bar

Since my nephew heard about my hot chocolate on a stick that I made for my hot chocolate themed craft party last year, he’s been asking me to make him some. He’s my sister’s son and they live in Buffalo. They have visited Chicago twice since then, and both times I didn’t get the chance. My sister will be visiting again during her kids’ spring break, and she told me that […]

Bunny Treats [Homemade Marshmallows]

Yes, I’ve finally had success with making homemade marshmallows… but not out of vegan gelatin. Yup, I did end up giving up on vegan gelatin. It was just not doing the job. If you recall from my homemade gumdrops post, I had some difficulty with my gumdrops… as well as the first batch of marshmallows I made. My theory was that the problem was the vegan gelatin. My theory was […]

Spring Flower Pot Cakes

I had come across this pin on Pinterest, and it has inspired me to get my flower pots out… baking pots that is. I had purchased them about four years ago from King Arthur Flour. They came as a pack of six. I don’t believe KAF sells them anymore, but no worries because cupcake flower pots are easily found online. Also, you can simply use actual terra-cotta pots like Martha […]