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Winter Chalkboard Craft Party

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday celebration! The new year is just a few days away and I thought to end 2013 with a final post…. just because I’ve been anxious to share my craft party that was held this past weekend!! Well, it wasn’t just my craft party… I had two awesome co-hosts that helped me put it together with a few other contributors that helped make the whole […]

Eid Giveaway

Ramadan is almost over and Eid is fast approaching. Usually I’m on top of it when it comes to the Eid gifts, treats, decorating, etc. I admit I have been procrastinating a bit this year, but I have about two weeks to go so I have a little bit of time to get my act together. One of my go to online sources for Eid gift and treat packaging is […]

Garden Theme Dessert Table

Yay! The day has finally come that I share Sofia’s dessert table… her little garden! Miss Sofia is Daniel and Gabriel’s little sister. She is one now. Happy Birthday little bug! Where is little bug off to? Ah, she’s off to check out her little garden and she’s inviting you to join her! So come along! Welcome to Sofia’s garden! Where you will find all sorts of flowers…. Fluttering butterflies… […]

Crafting & Hot Chocolate Party

I finally get to share my crafting party with everyone! I had it last Friday in my home for a few of my friends. If you haven’t already guessed from some of the clues in previous posts, “Hot Chocolate” was the theme with burlap and doilies as the theme of the decor. I wanted to create a rustic, cozy environment which I felt white and natural colors give off. I […]

Construction Theme Dessert Table

Remember when I told you guys that my nephew was having a construction theme birthday party at Home Depot and that I used my Silhouette to personalize each guests’ lunch box? Well in case you missed it, I mentioned it in this post right over here. Now I’m ready to share this party with you. Why did it take me this long you wonder. I’ll tell you why…. because I […]

Farm Theme Dessert Table

I’ve been anxious to share some awesome news with everyone! At first I thought I was dreaming, but it’s really true!! It really happened!! Are you ready for this?! Check out this link! Did you see it?! That’s me!! That’s the recent dessert table I designed about a couple weeks ago. It was featured on the queen of dessert tables’ blog!! Amy Atlas!!! Can you tell how excited I am?!?! […]