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Easy Trick-or-Treat Bag

Last week I shared Suraya's Halloween costume.... a funky witch! It turns out she needed a new trick-or-treat bag too! With little time left before Halloween, I made her a qu[...]


Funky Good Witch!

From Milk Carton... to 50's Girl... to Zombie Bride. What will Suraya be this Halloween? At first she thought she wanted to be a superhero... but then she thought maybe a witch... [...]


Caramel Apple Pumpkin {And More}

As we do every fall, we took our traditional family field trip to our favorite pumpkin farm, Bengtson's. We each pick out a pumpkin to take home and decorate. Sometimes we know exa[...]


Eid {Al-Adha} Mantel

There's no time to waste, in just a few days it'll be Eid! So if you haven't put your decorations up yet, you need to get a move on! Need some inspiration? Hopefully I can help. Ch[...]


Teal & Gold Berry Baskets {Eid Gift}

One of my favorite DIY hobbies is gift package styling, whether it be edible or non-edible gifts... but I admit edible gifts tend to be my favorite to work with. I so love creating[...]


Glittered Glass Candle Holders

Oooh Glitter... I'm back! Do you remember my glitter everything phase? I think 2011 was my year of glitter! I haven't glittered since then. There was no reason for ending the glitt[...]


Eid {al-Adha} Talk

With Eid al-Adha fast approaching, we need to talk Eid! I've already shared a few inspirational ideas on Facebook, and I have new ideas that I will be sharing with you all right he[...]


Eid Inspiration

Are you still looking for Eid inspiration? There's still time to whip up something for your loved ones. Here's some inspiration for ya! You could sit for hours (or days for [...]