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Oh Poodles!

I'm so excited to share Suraya's Halloween costume with everyone!! I took pictures after school yesterday, but it was on the gloomy side. I was going to wait until today, but yeste[...]


Fall Puff Sleeve Jacket

I've been on a hunt for a nice fall jacket for my younger stepdaughter, Suraya. However, nothing that I've come across has really spoken to me. Yes, clothes speak to me... not just[...]


Another Skirt!

Am I being a chicken for not taking more risks with sewing? Or is it okay to continue to depend on pre-made patterns? I'm, in particular, referring to clothing. I've made a couple [...]


Learn to Sew

I really enjoy sewing! Oh so much that I want to spread the love! Do you want to be part of the sewing love but want to be able to learn on your own time and schedule...and for[...]


Show & Tell!

In last week's post I mentioned that I was working on some projects. Well I have finished them and ready to share them! Yay! What was I working on you ask? Eid outfits and Eid trea[...]


Sweet Sofia

Once again I’m an aunty! Yay! My new niece, Sofia, was born on July 25. This means more sewing projects! Girls’ things (especially clothing) are so hard to resist… and there’s ju[...]


No Mans Land

Sewing. I love love it! After learning how to sew three years ago, I've only done a few projects. Most of the time I sew for gifts, but now I'm trying to sew more often than just w[...]