Sweet Sofia

Once again I’m an aunty! Yay! My new niece, Sofia, was born on July 25. This means more sewing projects! Girls’ things (especially clothing) are so hard to resist… and there’s just so much stuff to make for girls. Of course, first thing I made for her is a baby blanket. Baby blankets have kinda become my trademark for first baby gifts. I know cliched, but I just love making […]

No Mans Land

Sewing. I love love it! After learning how to sew three years ago, I’ve only done a few projects. Most of the time I sew for gifts, but now I’m trying to sew more often than just when I need gifts. I especially love children’s clothing, so when I see an adorable dress, skirt, etc, I feel I must make it! Of course, I try to be practical and I […]

New Kid on the Block

Hi everyone! Newbie blogger here. Just a little about myself and why Ode to Inspiration. About 3 years ago I began my journey into the craft world, starting with cake decorating. I’ve always loved baking and never really thought about getting into cake decorating. On a trip to Michael’s, I saw a sign for a Wilton cake decorating class and thought “why not?!” From there my journey began. After taking one […]