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Happy Thanksgiving

When my four year old nephew Gabriel was asked what will he be having on Thanksgiving, he responded “Turkey, corn, mash potatoes…. pie, cake, and cookies…” Then he finished it off with full on enthusiasm… “I’m going to get fat!” Yup we sure are, and we plan on enjoying every bite! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Enjoy your turkey and all the other yummy goodness!

Thanksgiving Favor & Place Card Setting

In the last post I shared a new favorite cookie recipe of mine… Spiced cardamom cookies. I’m going to be using these cookies for my Thanksgiving favors which can also be used as place card settings. Want to see how I packaged them? I’ve been loving all the printed burlap that have become available in fabric stores. As soon as I saw these three printed burlap, I knew I needed […]

Spiced Cardamom Cookies

I have another cookie recipe for you today. Spiced Cardamom Cookies. It’s a Martha Stewart recipe. I don’t always have success with the recipes I come across on her website, but this one was quite impressive. After making and loving the orange zest and cardamom spiced sugar cookies I made for Eid, I wanted to experiment with more cardamom recipes. Today’s cookies though are not sugar cookies. They are more […]

Fall Decorating with Bargains

I have more fall decorating ideas for you today! In the previous post I shared my fall vignette where I used natural and rustic elements. I do tend to use those two elements often in my decor, so it won’t come to a surprise that I carried out with those two elements with my other fall decor. As with my vignette, the rest of my fall decor consists of pieces […]

Fall Decorating {Rustic & Natural Elements}

You know that feeling you get when something seems missing? Well, that’s how I felt with my fall slash Thanksgiving vignette. In the previous post I had shared my faux galvanized cake stand. I had mentioned that I had an unintentional metal theme going on in my vignette… galvanized metal. So I couldn’t resist wanting a galvanized cake to stand to use in place of my gold glass stand. Instead […]

DIY Galvanized Cake Stand

I’m usually done putting up all my fall decor in September. This year, I admit I’ve been procrastinating. I have officially finished decorating as of last week… but there was one little detail that I worked on this past weekend. A detail I convinced myself that my fall slash Thanksgiving vignette could not go without! As I was putting together my vignette, I noticed that I had an unintentional metal […]

Easy Trick-or-Treat Bag

Last week I shared Suraya’s Halloween costume…. a funky witch! It turns out she needed a new trick-or-treat bag too! With little time left before Halloween, I made her a quick and easy, but yet funky bag to go along with her costume. What made this project even easier is my Silhouette. However, even if you don’t own a Silhouette, this is still a simple bag to make… you would […]

Funky Good Witch!

From Milk Carton… to 50′s Girl… to Zombie Bride. What will Suraya be this Halloween? At first she thought she wanted to be a superhero… but then she thought maybe a witch… scary witch that is. I thought, instead of the traditional scary witch, how about a funky good witch. Suraya was sold! In the previous post, I shared the top of the outfit. A top well suited for Suraya… […]

The Good One

How scary would it be to have a costume-less kid on Halloween?  Let’s dare not to find out! The kid in question… Suraya! It’s not that I’ve been procrastinating. I promise. I just hadn’t had the chance to get the material I need. Not much material is needed really. I could give you a million and one reasons, but Halloween is next week, so there is no time for excuses! […]

Caramel Apple Pumpkin {And More}

As we do every fall, we took our traditional family field trip to our favorite pumpkin farm, Bengtson’s. We each pick out a pumpkin to take home and decorate. Sometimes we know exactly what we want to do before we get our pumpkins, but sometimes inspiration hits afterwards. So far each year, Suraya has known exactly what she wanted to do before we take our trip to the pumpkin farm. […]