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Easy Tote Tutorial

I think I’ve mentioned I’m a fabric hoarder. I see. I like. I buy… whether I have use for it or not. I admit, it has gotten out of control. So I’m on a mission to start downsizing… if possible! Some fabrics were intended for a particular person, so I decided to start with those. I purchased this one for the little ballerina in the family… my niece Lianna. I […]

I'm Hooked on You {Purse Hook Valentine}

The Sharpie mugs I shared in the last post were supposed to be the last of this year’s Valentine’s Day ideas that I had for you. That was until I saw this purse hook in Target’s bargain section over the weekend. It wasn’t my first time coming across them, but it wasn’t until this last trip that a light bulb went off! If you haven’t figured it out by now, […]

How Do You Take Your Coffee? {Personalized Mugs}

Surely you have seen all the Sharpie marker on glass crafts out there. I’ve been wanting to give it a try for some time, and finally did! Apparently the Sharpie marker on glass craft is not a sure thing. There have been some hit and miss for some who have already experimented with it. Meaning, after being washed a few times [in the dishwasher in particular], it’s not necessarily permanent […]

Milk Bath & Cookie Scrub {Valentine's Day}

I’ve been having fun putting together some valentines. In case you missed my latest Valentine’s Day creations, be sure to check them out HERE. Today I have another one for you. This one is all about pampering your valentine with milk and cookies… spa style! I put together a little milk bath and cookie scrub gift basket for Suraya’s teacher. Initially I had thought of just making a sugar scrub […]

For the Key to My Heart {Valentine Key Chain}

I am a sucker for cute.. and handmade cuteness even more. When I saw these too cute for words handmade “house” key chains on Flickr, I knew I had to make one… but a Valentine’s Day version instead! And of course I couldn’t resist including a cute phrase to go along with it… For the Key to My Heart. I know, I know… I can be cheesy sometimes. I’ll just […]

DIY Mini Domed Cake Plate & Cake Stand

I love thrifting. Especially when I find beautiful pieces like these wall plates and candle holder…. I could have just used them as they are, but what fun would that be? So instead I decided to do some simple crafting with them… a project that took about 5 minutes. Well, 5 minutes to make but I did have to wait for the glue to completely dry overnight. E6000 glue is […]

Hot Glue Gun Stand

What’s your favorite craft tool? Me? I love my hot glue gun. It’s probably my most used tool. So I thought it deserved it’s very own special toy. A hot glue gun stand! Isn’t it adorable? I bought it from The Bubble Box on Etsy. It’s stylish… it’s handy… and the workmanship is excellent! Also, talk about amazing customer service! Vanessa from The Bubble Box was so wonderful and easy to […]

Hot Chocolate Kit

With the winter season fast approaching, what tastier way to keep warm than with hot chocolate. I wanted to share the sweet warmth, so I put together a few hot chocolate kits to gift. Hot chocolate is a gift of warmth that you can never go wrong with… not with me at least! With these simple supplies, I was able to put together fun and unique packaging for my kit. Also, […]

Salt Dough Ornaments

In the previous post I shared the glitter painted candle holders I had made. These candle holders are going to be a part of the Eid gift baskets that I am putting together for my family. This project was inspired by This Little Life of Mine‘s salt dough ornaments embellished candle holders, which I had come across during this past Ramadan. I loved the way her’s turned out and knew […]

Glittered Glass Candle Holders

Oooh Glitter… I’m back! Do you remember my glitter everything phase? I think 2011 was my year of glitter! I haven’t glittered since then. There was no reason for ending the glitter; it just happened. But after seeing these gold glitter painted jars on Pinterest I just couldn’t resist and had to jump back in. I love gold. I love glitter. I love jars. But really, Madigan Made had me […]