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Glittered Glass Candle Holders

Oooh Glitter... I'm back! Do you remember my glitter everything phase? I think 2011 was my year of glitter! I haven't glittered since then. There was no reason for ending the glitt[...]


Winter Wreath Tutorial

That's my winter wreath! What do you guys think of it? Does it say winter to you? I loved the oval vine wreath. I thought the shape had a wintery look to it, and it was the perfect[...]


Give Thanks

I love Thanksgiving! There's the yummy turkey, which, if there's leftovers, is even yummier the next day. Gotta love those left overs:) Then even better yet, the stuffing! I have t[...]


Eid Lambs

It feels like Eid al-Fitr (the first Muslim holiday where Muslims fast 29/30 days during the month of Ramadan, according to the lunar Islamic calendar) was just here, and now Eid a[...]


Pumpkin Decorating Tutorial

Now that I'm done with cakes, I'm back to more fall projects. Yay! My family and I went to the pumpkin farm. We had fun on the kiddie rides (adults too!), pony rides (kiddies on[...]


Fall Table Centerpiece

Psst...want to see the fall centerpiece I put together for my coffee table? I love it! I sure hope you all will too! The inspiration for this project started with a rope knot ba[...]