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Ramadan Inspiration

Are you looking for some Ramadan ideas? So am I! Here are some inspirational ideas that I liked and thought you should check out. This dessert table by Amy Atlas may not be n[...]


Eid Inspiration

Are you still looking for Eid inspiration? There's still time to whip up something for your loved ones. Here's some inspiration for ya! You could sit for hours (or days for [...]


Weekend Activities

Over the weekend I joined my friend Veronica for an Annie Sloan paint demonstration over at Nest Vintage Modern. I haven't had the opportunity to use Annie Sloan paint yet, but I h[...]


Awe-Inspiring Generosity

The second Islamic holiday, Eid al-Adha, was celebrated on Friday October 26. In memory of my grandmother, I made macaroons and passed them out to family, friends, and to some of t[...]


One Awesome Gift!

I did have another fall post for you today, but it has been postponed until Monday. It's being interrupted for a special post... I just got the most awesome gift that I must share [...]


Getting Ready for Fall!

I've seen quite a few fellow bloggers already preparing for fall... all I've got to say to that is... Wait for me!! I oh so love the fall! Hands down it's my favorite season, an[...]


Be Inspired, Inspire Others

Today I want to share with you some cute and creative Teacher Appreciation gifts from fellow bloggers. Get ready for some creativity folks! I was head over heals for Dixie Delig[...]


Meet Gabriel

Meet my two and half year old nephew Gabriel. Don't you just want to eat him:P He is the happiest, funniest, sweetest, silliest, smartest, most loving, lovable, friendly lit[...]


Shutter Inspiration

Hey ya'll! I don't have a craft for you today, but that doesn't mean I haven't been crafting away. As a matter of fact I've been working on getting my Etsy shop started. Eek! I'm s[...]


Spring Mantel Reveal

The day we've all been waiting for has finally arrived! Okay, maybe it's not the day we've all been waiting for... but it's the day that I finally reveal my spring mantel! After al[...]