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I'm Hooked on You {Purse Hook Valentine}

The Sharpie mugs I shared in the last post were supposed to be the last of this year’s Valentine’s Day ideas that I had for you. That was until I saw this purse hook in Target’s bargain section over the weekend. It wasn’t my first time coming across them, but it wasn’t until this last trip that a light bulb went off! If you haven’t figured it out by now, […]

Hey Cupcake, Be My Valentine

The first tutorial I ever shared with you all was how to make a “cupcake” candy. That was back in 2011! I had made some as welcome baby favors when my niece Sofia was born. I also used the idea for a girls’ summer camp craft class using small mason jars and cereal. Lastly, I made an apple version for Suraya’s 2nd grade teacher as a back to school gift. As I […]

Getting Ready for Valentine's Day

Can you believe we are already talking about Valentine’s Day? It’s in stores… it’s all over Pinterest and blog land too! So I thought why not join in on the fun. It’s a holiday full of cuteness… and I can’t resist that! I thought today I’d start out with some of my past Valentine’s Day ideas that I have shared with you. Last Valentine’s, I had a cookie decorating itch… […]

Coffee Filters & Old Book Pages

I tend to avoid doing projects that call for printing because my printer isn’t very nice to me. ;) However, I’ve been loving all the printing on old book pages projects that I’ve come across that I decided to just go for it. Nothing major. Just a small job that I figured that even my not so nice printer can handle. It really doesn’t take much to print on book […]

Paper Straw Snowflake

Today I have for you  an easy peasy winter craft. A craft that can be put together in a matter of minutes! A paper straw snowflake! All you need is two straws and fuzzy yarn to make these cuties. For the tools, you will need scissors and a hot glue gun. Start out by cutting two straws in half. I wasn’t anal about the halves being evenly cut. I guesstimated […]

Hot Chocolate Kit

With the winter season fast approaching, what tastier way to keep warm than with hot chocolate. I wanted to share the sweet warmth, so I put together a few hot chocolate kits to gift. Hot chocolate is a gift of warmth that you can never go wrong with… not with me at least! With these simple supplies, I was able to put together fun and unique packaging for my kit. Also, […]

Thanksgiving Favor & Place Card Setting

In the last post I shared a new favorite cookie recipe of mine… Spiced cardamom cookies. I’m going to be using these cookies for my Thanksgiving favors which can also be used as place card settings. Want to see how I packaged them? I’ve been loving all the printed burlap that have become available in fabric stores. As soon as I saw these three printed burlap, I knew I needed […]

Teal & Gold Berry Baskets {Eid Gift}

One of my favorite DIY hobbies is gift package styling, whether it be edible or non-edible gifts… but I admit edible gifts tend to be my favorite to work with. I so love creating cute packaging! Today’s gift packaging is for Eid. The inspiration… this gorgeous dessert table that I came across over at In My Studio. I absolutely love the teal and gold.. no surprise there! The items… The […]

Fall Leaf Doily Packaging

Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I sure did. The family and I went on our annual apple picking adventure at County Line Orchard. I’ve shared a couple of our past apple picking adventures with you. You can check them out here and here. I do want to talk apples with you but let’s leave it for another day, and instead let’s talk packaging! If you have […]

Fall Treat Packaging {Welcome Neighbor Gift}

In the previous post I shared a recipe for a yummy fall treat… Pumpkin pie spice and brown sugar nuts. I had made them for our new neighbors as a welcoming gift. These neighbors aren’t just any new neighbors. Nope, they certainly are not. They are a part of the OTI family… Mr. OTI’s cousin… along with his wife and darling little boy! The wife happens to also be a […]