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Framed Embroidered Pillow Cases

My mom had given me beautiful hand embroidered pillow cases that my grandmother had made. My grandmother was a very talented lady especially in hand embroidery. I wish I could show you all of her stunning work, but at least you get a glimpse of it with the pillow cases. I decided to frame her beautiful work to perserve them and my grandmother’s memories. Since the pillows are square [as […]

Eid Al-Adha Decorations

In my last post I shared a couple cookie stenciling ideas with you using the cookie stencils that I received from Eidway. Along with the cookie stencils, Eidway also sent me cake stencils. Instead of stenciling a cake or some other goody, I decided to use the cake stencils to make Eid decor. Instead of just one, I’ve got two simple ideas for ya today: a pillow and a framed art. […]

Thrift Shop Chair Makeover

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Since we had a holiday break last week, it didn’t feel like much of a weekend for me. I had to stop and think what day of the week it was to realize it was actually the weekend. Did anyone else get thrown off? Well, we have a fresh new start. That’s what’s nice about Monday’s. Don’t you agree? Now, let’s get to […]

Old Sewing Machine, New Pillow

I did it! I sewed with my new vintage sewing machine! I hand cranked that baby, and a pretty pillow was born! I must give kudos to all those amazing women in the past that had to hand crank! The most challenging part was trying to figure out how to wind the new thread on the bobbin. It turns out the owner’s manual I found was not for the same exact […]

Ruffles & Flowers Pillows

Suraya’s pillows are done! I think they turned out cute! Suraya thought so too! I mixed them up with ruffles and flowers working with fabric I already had on hand. I’m going with the purple, aqua, and pink color scheme, so these three fabrics couldn’t have been more perfect! If you recall, I did tell you I have a “fabric shop” in my house… well that’s what my hubby calls it:) […]

Ruffled Pillows

Last spring I whipped up a couple of pillows for a quick fix. Anybody recognize them? I’d be surprised if anybody does! They were only in the background of some of the pictures in previous posts. Well, I think they have served their purpose very well, but I think it is time to give them a makeover. I love the fabric, but I wanted to spice them up. I had […]

Bloomingdale's Pillow Copycat

Whenever I make a trip to Anthropologie (and Godiva for my free monthly truffle!), I tend to cut through Bloomingdale’s (Home) because there’s almost always a parking spot for me there. That one spot as if it’s waiting just for me! Back in September, on one of my trips, as I was passing through Bloomingdale’s on my way back to my car, I spotted this pillow… I absolutely LOVED the […]