Eid Round Up

Eid is just a couple weeks away. Just in case you haven’t started thinking about it yet, I thought to give you some ideas to get you started!

Eid Ideas and InspirationHere are some of my faves:

Eid Cursive Wacky StrawI am quite smitten with these Eid cursive straws from Muslamb. What kid… small or big {ehem, as in adults ;)}… wouldn’t love to sip from one of these straws! They would make fun party favors, addition to any gift basket, or even play the role of a gift tag!

Moon Pinata

Piñatas are always a fun activity at any party… or how about just for fun for your little ones to help celebrate Eid! I’m getting a kick out of this DIY moon piñata.

Modern Eid Oversized Letter BalloonsYou know what else I’m getting a kick out of? These oversized letter balloons from Modern Eid. Can’t make a bigger statement than this! ;)

Free Printable Mosque Lantern

More decor ideas! I love this idea from Sweet Fajr… a Mosque Lantern printable. It’s FREE! Get it here.

Whipped Bakeshop Tile Cookies for EidCheck out these beautiful tile cookies from Whipped Bakeshop. Stunning, aren’t they? Who wouldn’t love receiving a box of these cookies!

Eid Gift Wrapping Inspiration

As I’ve probably said it a million and one times, I’m a sucker for cute packaging. Really, you can give me an empty box that is nicely packaged and I’d be happy…. but do let me know if it is empty before I ruin the packaging! :P Get inspired by this one from Papersome.

Eid Gift Bag Idea

How about this for a packaging idea! Use it as a gift bag… or feel free to just gift it as is! From The Tote Gallery. {salaam = peace}

Eid Money Envelopes From In My Studio

I know gift shopping isn’t always easy. For those hard to shop for, sometimes gift cards or money is the easier way to go. Add a creative touch by placing them in cute money envelopes like these from In My Studio. Available as already printed or DIY printable.

Delicious Eid Greeting Cards

How deliciously cute are these greeting cards from SANAT Craft! And I love that the back of the card says Enjoy!

Gingerbread Mosque for Ramadan and Eid

You may have already seen this gingerbread mosque on my Facebook page, but I thought it definitely was worth the re-share. With a Spin shares the how to along with the template. A great craft to make with the kiddos during Ramadan and carry it through into your Eid decor.

There are so many great ideas out there. You just have to get yourself thinking outside the box, and I hope today’s ideas have inspired you just a bit!

For more Eid ideas, be sure to follow my Ramadan and Eid board on Pinterest!

Eid Decorating and Gift Ideas

Here are some of my own Eid creations I’ve shared with you in the last few posts plus more HERE!

Smoothie Gift Kit

Every Eid I enjoy putting together some sort of gift basket for my family. Usually it consists of something sweet in a not so healthy kind of way. This year I’ve decided to take a healthier route. A smoothie kit… sweet but healthy!

Eid Gift Basket

I’m really excited about this gift kit, and I’m especially excited about my Tiny Prints Eid greeting cards that accompanies the kit!

Tiny Prints Eid Card

Not only do I love the design of the card but also the fact that I was able to customize the card. Tiny Prints made it so easy!

The original design of the card was two toned which I loved. The original color for the front side was ash and the color of my choosing on the back side. However, I already knew that I planned on teaming the card up with kraft colored bags, and I wanted the card to pop. With the help of Tiny Print’s Designer Review service I was able to easily make the changes I needed. Not only was the service amazing, but so was the quality of the cards. The cards are printed on thick paper with a high quality print job. I love my Eid cards, and they were the perfect finishing touch to my Eid gift kit!

Smoothie Gift Kit Supplies

Each kit contained the ingredients to make the smoothie… strawberries, mango, banana, almonds, and coconut water. The strawberries where placed in a glassine bag with the instructions on how to make the smoothie… Slice. Blend. Drink.

Dollar Tree Tumblers

Additionally in the kit were two tumblers which I found at the Dollar Tree.

Also included were the Respect Wood coasters I made. Ya know, making sure no one is leaving watermarks behind. ;)


Into Garnish’s Take Out bags everything went. To make the bottom of the bags sturdy, I used a cake board cut to the size of the bag.

Smoothie Gift Kit

I’m excited to gift these kits, and I sure hope the recipients love them as much as I do!

Now I need to give a big CONGRATULATIONS to IRAM KHAN  for winning the Once Upon A Eid Giveaway!! I hope your prize will make this Eid just a little bit more special. Enjoy!

Do You Respect Wood? {Wood Coasters}

I respect wood. Do you? Or are you one to leave watermarks on tables?

I respect wood. I revere wood. I’m considerate of wood. “That’s what Larry David said when he was accused of leaving a watermark on Julia Dreyfus’ table. I looove that episode from Curb Your Enthusiasm! So much so that the phrase respect wood keeps replaying in my head since watching that episode. And you will find me randomly asking others if they respect wood. ;)

Well I decided I needed to make something that respected wood. Nothing more suiting than coasters, right! These are no ordinary coasters…

Respect Wood Coasters

These coasters tell you to respect wood.

Not only that, they also tell you how to respect wood… use this.

DIY Respect Wood Coasters

To make these coasters, all I did was simply paint 4″x4″ wood tiles white, and dry brushed them with gold. I painted the sides gold as well. Once the paint was dry, I sanded them a bit. Then I stamped each one with the phrases. Lastly I finished them off with acrylic sealant and added felt pads at the bottom.

Respect Wood Coaster

Kept simple to do the job they were intended to do… respecting wood!

Respect Wood DIY Coasters

The next time you are about to put your beverage down directly on a hardwood table, remember Larry and remember me… and ask yourself if you respect wood! So do you? ;)

Once Upon A Eid {Review & Giveaway}

If you are a one stop shopper like me, you are going to love Once Upon A Eid. It’s the place that brings together all of our favorite Eid products from multiple vendors in one place along with mainstream products like the paper pouches and paper straws we all love. It’s a new company that just opened a couple months ago, and it’s already on my go to list as it should be yours!

Once Upon an Eid Swag Bag

I was thrilled to receive these bag of goodies from Once Upon A Eid. Filled with tableware for Ramadan and Eid!

Wanna see how I used my goodies? Let’s start with Ramadan…

Ramadan Paper Plate Garland

Instead of just using the dessert plates for dessert, I made a simple Ramadan garland!

Ramadan GarlandI bought these hangers sometime ago, and I’ve been waiting for the perfect something to use them for. These dessert paper plates were the perfect fit for the hangers to create an easy to make garland!

Ramadan Dessert Table Ideas

Napkins don’t just have to be used as what they were intended for… how about flowers and basket liners!

Ramadan Iftar Decorating

I made some flowers using both of the Ramadan napkins each of which were glued to a striped paper straw. {my own straws but Once Upon Eid does carry paper straws too!} I also used the napkins to line my basket of dates.

Eid Napkin Pennant Banner

Not only did I use the napkins I received to make flowers and as basket liners, along with the Eid ribbon I received, I also used them to make a pennant banner for Eid!

This Eid Mubarak Fonts tableware line is my favorite. I love the vibrant colors of pink and teal set on white!

Eid Dessert Table

I also decided to team up the Eid Mubarak Fonts line with the Ramadan lantern plates. Since they didn’t have Ramadan written anywhere, they are interchangeable to use between Ramadan and Eid. Loved that!

DIY Eid Dessert Stand

I use the Eid plates and Ramadan lantern plates to make a dessert stand. The plates held up nicely!

Glitter Eid Mubarak Wood Sign

Last but not least was this fun glitter Eid Mubarak wood hanging sign. It’s a great addition to your holiday decor! It can simply be hung up anywhere as is.

Eid Wreath

However I opted to make an Eid wreath out of it. No individual letters to glue on… one piece glued on with one simple step. What’s a wreath without flowers, right? So I made napkin flowers out of the purple Ramadan napkins. The hint of green in the napkins made them the perfect match to the green sign.

I really had fun with my Once Upon A Eid swag gift. I want you to have some fun too.. and so does Once Upon A Eid!

Once Upon A Eid is offering one OTI reader the option to win their very own Glitter Eid Mubarak Wood Hanging sign in the color of their choice {yup, it comes in other colors too!} OR a set of the Eid Mubarak Fonts dinner and dessert plates! It’s your choice!

To win, follow the instructions via Rafflecopter. Two of the entries are mandatory. Each additional entry is optional, but remember the more entries you complete the more chances to win! Please be sure to properly follow the instructions for your entries to count.

The winner of the giveaway will be announced on Friday, July 11, 2014. This is open to U.S. residents only. Good luck!

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I received the above products for free to review, but all opinions are my own. I did not get compensated for the review.