10 tips of carnival fantasy for babies

For some years now, street carnival parades have been spreading throughout the cities. In some cities, there are even carnival parades for babies! Thinking about this, and to help you get ready for the party, we made this post with 10 tips for baby carnival costumes. After all, costumes for adults and older children are even easier to find, but here we have simple ideas that will help you dress up your baby with lots of creativity.

However, there is one important point: safety always comes first. Because of this, we have some tips for you, for example, make costumes using materials that do not cause allergies in babies, do not use makeup, and be careful with props that may come loose or squeeze the baby’s head and body. Since this is a time of higher temperatures, prefer light costumes, check with your pediatrician if you can use sunscreen on your baby, and try to go out at the cooler hours.

So, now let’s choose the carnival costume for baby that you prefer and get to work?


The definition of cute costume doesn’t even fit this picture, does it? Super colorful and easy to make, this idea we saw on the Cba website is amazing. Here in this step-by-step, they teach you how to make the feathers for the cape, the eyes, the beak, and that head fluff. And if you need an idea on how to make the cape, you can click here and see the step by step on the makeandtakes website.

Thinking about the safety tips we gave here, we have some options for this costume. To avoid it getting too hot for a sunny day you can, for example, not put on the cap part. And, instead of putting on an outfit like the one in the picture, put on a bodysuit or a t-shirt with shorts.


Updating once again the concept of cuteness! And simplicity too. You will need an orange bodysuit and few materials to make the “carrot leaves”. The idea is from the website creatingreallyawesomefunthings and the step-by-step is here. One point is that on the site they suggest creating these little stamps that are on the bodysuit using labels. However, it would be better with those sticky labels, because they don’t peel off. Simple adhesive labels can peel off and the baby can put them in his mouth. It looks cute, but better not to take the risk, right? After all, baby’s carnival costume tips need to be creative, but the essential thing is that they are safe.

Little Wally

You know those “Where’s Wally?” books? The one where we need to find the character in a crowd of people and stuff? Well, did you know that he has been delighting adults and children alike for 30 years? It is so cool that the makeit-loveit website created this costume here in a very simple way. And if it’s hot, you should wear a lighter hat instead of a cap. And as for the glasses, I guess they were only used for the photo. So, better not to use them to not hurt and bother the baby.


You know that last minute costume? The one that needs to be easy to make so you don’t miss anything? Then, in our 10 carnival costume tips for babies, we have this option here, from creatingreallyawesomefunthings. A panda costume, made with very simple materials and that looks cute. The author of the blog says that with the materials at hand it will only take you 10 minutes to create the costume and no sewing is required. Click here to see how.

Money bag

Do you know those clothes that we have nowadays that combine the parents’ clothes with the child’s? It looks cute and is a great option to go out with your baby at carnival. By the way, this idea we saw on the domesticimperfection website is super creative and very fun. You dress up as the thief and your baby dresses up as a money bag!

Small hamburger

I’m sure this snack will be a hit at the carnival or at the babies’ party! Lots of cuteness and creativity using few materials and very easy to make. The idea is from the website creatingreallyawesomefunthings and the step-by-step is here.


Check out this other costume option to combine adults and kids! The costume is… macaroni! The idea is from the website studiodiy and the duo is the mommy farfale and the baby ravioli. However, you can use this idea to dress up the whole family, because you can use the same material to create other types of pasta. How about it?


Here we have already given tips for parrot and panda costumes. Now, it’s turtle’s turn! We saw this idea on thelovenotesblog site and the author says that she created this costume for her son, because the baby’s nickname is “honu” which means turtle in Hawaiian. The step by step instructions are here and in the picture you can see how cute this costume is!


There are carrot costumes, hamburger costumes, and pineapple costumes! Look how beautiful, colorful and creative this costume we saw on the camillestyles website! To create it, the author basically used felt, hot glue and paper. By the way, if you buy a few different colors of felt, just with our tips you can make a costume for each day of the carnival! Click here to see the step by step instructions to create this super cute pineapple costume for your baby.

Baby Tetris

Patricia Marinho published here on the site the post Carnival Costumes to make at home with 10 more ideas. One of them is this one to dress up your baby as Tetris. You know that little electronic game where you have to stack the little squares that go down the screen? Then, click here and see how simple and easy it is to dress up your baby with lots of cuteness and creativity!