How to Make a Carnival Mask: 10 Ideas

For children to play at carnival you can create costumes like the ones we suggest here or create masks! There are options so creative that they don’t even need to dress up the kids. To help you with this mission, here are 10 ideas on how to make a carnival mask. Colors, creativity and simple materials for children to play in the parades of the city.


This monster mask that we saw on the lesmoustachoux website scares no one, does it? It’s very colorful and different, and from the step by step directions here, it’s also easy to make. It reminds me of Sulley from Monsters S.A.! By the way, enjoy the carnival holiday and watch the movie with the kids. Monsters S.A. is part of our list of 100 movies you will enjoy at home with your kids. This way, between one carnival blockbuster and the next, you can rest, but still have fun.


At the last minute you have decided to enjoy the carnival around with the kids and have not prepared a costume or mask. So this idea is for that moment! Using only a paper bag, pencils, paints and glue, the kids themselves create this beautiful bear mask. The idea is from the website toddlerapproved and we love it for its creativity and simplicity. Click here to see the step by step.

Little Yoda

A powerful Jedi Master full of wisdom and who knows the “Force” like no other. If you are a Star Wars fan you know well who he is. And if you are a fan, maybe the kids already know the character! So, among our suggestions on how to make a carnival mask we chose this one of Master Yoda. The idea is from the YouTube channel DIY Labs I Crafts, Food Art, Life Hacks & more and the video has a complete step by step.


This idea from https instructables is amazing. Made basically with a cardboard box, imagine how kids will love to use this mixture of mask and costume! In this case to make the mask you will need an adult to do it, because they use the stylus. So don’t even let the kids cut the paper, but they can paint the dinosaur. Take a look at the step-by-step here.

Flowers and Leaves

Look how beautiful this mask made only with flowers and leaves! You can use the fallen ones in your garden or on that walk in the park. Then call the children and together create this beautiful mask. A creative idea from the mermagblog website. The mask is very simple to make and you can get inspired by this idea in this step-by-step here.


Cuteness and simplicity in this mask that can be made with materials you have at home. The idea is from the danyabanya website and, by the way, the child made almost 100% of the mask. There is the whole step by step here along with even cuter pictures of the little sheep.


Children like the masks of superheroes and cartoon characters. But how about proposing something different and even more a mask that they can create themselves? This is the idea of the inthebagkidscrafts website when proposing this colorful and fun rainbow mask. You can find the step-by-step instructions here and the pom-poms in craft stores.

Color and Joy

Another option for the more common carnival masks is this one we saw on thejoysharing website. If you have some cardboard, glitter, and sequins at home you can make it in no time! The step-by-step instructions are here and the kids can even make them themselves.

Colorful Bird

We saw this idea on the Little Crafties YouTube channel. It has a very detailed step by step and you will see how to make a carnival mask in a simple and beautiful way. So how about calling the kids to watch the video with you and together create this beautiful mask!

Cute animals

Patricia Marinho published here on the site the post How to make animal E.V.A. masks. They are simple, cheap and beautiful options! In fact. this idea was so successful that she presented the idea on the program It’s from Home, which runs on Saturday mornings on Rede Globo. So, if you want these masks we have the templates ready. Just click here to get your PDF and get your hands dirty with the kids.